Mothers Love Illustration

  • Hi everyone, I've been working on this for the SCBWI February Draw This challenge. I've been working on the colors on the computer, and think I settled on these. I printed out just the lines faintly and was thinking about painting it with watercolors, since I haven't been able to figure out how to paint it digitally the way I like.
    any feedback on color palette, or composition is welcome. I made the moms head a little smaller in the printout, thought it was a bit too big in this painting.
    0_1486962501860_valentines illustration1.jpg

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    Such a sweet moment I love the art supplies in the background!

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    Very nice moment. Good call making mom's head smaller, right now she looks like a girl. I like the colors. I am wondering if the mom could be starting to turn her head. It is hard to have everyone's back turned to the viewer. Watch out for that tangent of the boys face and the wall. The kids are super cute.

  • Here are two versions of it. one with the head turned to face the kids. The right one is also a little looser and the one on the left a little more finished with more detail.


  • i think this is what I will submit with the time I have to work on it. thanks for the comments. 🙂 0_1487101057265_Love_Mirka_Hokkanen.jpg

  • What a beautiful drawing! 🙂

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