Spot Illustration Question

  • Do spot illustrations always have just a plain white background? I was thinking about maybe adding a subtle color or textured background behind my tiger.

    Would it no longer be a spot illustration if I did that?

    0_1486062111103_I'd have my own Tiger Flattened copy.png

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    I would still consider it a spot illustration even if the background is a gradient or a color card. For me it has more to do with the fact that the background has not been worked in as part of the illustration. I think if there is a background but it does not bleed to the edges is then called a vignettes (though I am not sure this naming is so universal). BTW, I am currently re-reading a favorite book and an absolute masterpiece "Creative Illustration" by A. Loomis. It has several pages just going through the several types of vignettes and spot illustrations, very enlightening!

  • Thanks a lot for your input, @smceccarelli! I'll definitely have to check out that book : )

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