Walk to bank - critique please...

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    Hey, nice rendering. I think the colors are good and I like the buildings and perspective. The problem for me is the concept isn't very clear. (At least to me?) Not sure what you are trying to say with it. Also with the characters even though they are in a cartoon style there are some really strange proportions going on. The arms and legs are two vastly different sizes. Then the one arm is like a foot longer than the other. And there are some problem's with the woman's pose as well. I think most of it is you just need to spend a bit more time on the drawing stage before you go to final and make sure you are drawing through your shapes.

  • Hi! I also want to say some quick things which I noticed. For me the concept is also not clear. Why are they standing in the middle of the street? And why are they not moving when they want to go to the bank? I am also wondering storytelling- wise why the bank is behind them and they are turned towards us?
    If you want to tell us more about the story I am sure you can get some more precise advice.

  • @evilrobot @Jana Thank you very much for the feedback. The size of the legs is caused by the fact that the character is facing with one side to us, so one leg is placed behind - but apparently this is not properly shown :). I agree - hands are different in length, thank you for noticing and for the advice. Concept had show that the woman and the boy go to the bank, where she will take money and share with him. The woman pose had a show the reluctance. They stand in the middle of the street at the pedestrian crossing and look at us, because I just meant about direct contact with viewers - as if the narrator called out, "Hey, where are you going?".

  • Good morning Adi!
    Okay, some things are getting clearer now.
    However, about the sizes of the legs. You are right that things in a background should be smaller. But in this very case here the two legs are just couple of centimeters apart and the character is also very close to the viewer. So, there is no need for different sizes. You might find plenty of references for that pose, that would make it easier for you. Or make a selfie. 🙂 Then you can pose as you want to have it.
    When these guys are stopped in a motion, I would show the dog still walking ahead, maybe shown by a the leash under tension. Usually a dog would not be stopped just by a stranger.
    Something else I noticed now. The people on the sidewalk seem too small. Controlling the size might be easier when you compare them with the doors and windows next to them.
    Hope that helped a little. 🙂

  • @Jana Good Morning Jana, thank you for this cool tips! 🙂

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