Happy 2017

  • Happy New Year Everyone!
    I got no clue what to do but something like this that I have never done before. I also use the new texture I made manually for it as well!




  • @Naroth-Kean I love this, I love seeing your progression and experimentation with new ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • @lmrush Thanks Lisa! I'm glad you like this. I'm planning to make a youtube channel and show poeple how I achieve this look, and also other effects like color pencil and pastel. I'll keep people updated, and it's gonna be a while as I really don't know where to start with the video and everything. I guess I need a lot of research and plan it nicely.

    Below are color pencil and pastel I have been working on. I think they need a lot more work into them to look close to traditional.


  • Awesome!