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  • I am pitching to illustrate a Children's picture book for next Christmas. the main character, Mosi has down syndrome, lives alone in the mountains, he is very poor but happy with the things he has collected around him. The spread I've illustrated is the one where Mosi gets an christmas invitation from the King, the invitation where Mosi was waiting for for a long time. So he is very happy when it finally comes in and he dances around in the small hut he lives in. I don't want to send it in before getting tips and critiques from you. Thanks in advance!0_1482926437854_leontine gaasenbeek Kerstkaart van de Koning kopie.jpg

  • Is this two page spread? Looks great

  • @Kelly-Lane Hi kelly, Thank you! No its one page text, one page illustration.

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    The lighting and the feeling of the illustration look very nice. Two thoughts that struck me on the content. One is the age of the character. Teeth are a very important detail for this on kids. Front teeth only indicate an infant (below 1 year of age), because those are the teeth that grow first. Full teeth with the front 2 or 4 missing indicates 6-7 years of age - that is the age where the teeth change to permanent and the front ones are the first to go. All other ages have all teeth. So I would be careful with that even when you are stylizing. Of course children can break a front tooth or more if they have an accident, but I believe that should then be fundamental to the character or the story.
    The other thought I have is that the prompt talks about Mosi being surrounded by "the things he has collected". This is a very interesting aspect of his personality, so I would try to reflect that in the room dressing. What kind of "things" could he collect? Maybe stones, or forest treasures? Colorful bird eggs? Flowers? It is an interesting story element and could help to build a more interesting setting.
    Anyhow, it looks great and I keep fingers crossed for you that you get the job!!

  • @smceccarelli Thanks a lot for your comment, and for the tips on the teeth, Ill take a look at that! the collectors things, do you mean you want to see more stuff? I was hesitating about that, but can add more different things of course....I could add lots of stuff on the ceiling and floor.. Should I design a sidekick? a bird perhaps? what do you think?

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    @Leontine I was more thinking about how the room could reflect his personality. At the moment it is beautifully designed and quirky, but not in a way that specifically reflects the boy's character and interests. There is some pottery, some clothes, a suitcase, candles and animals. But if one of the main aspects of the character is that he collects "things", then I would expect that to be specifically part of the environment. So you may want to think (or read, if you have the manuscript) what kind of things he collects and surround him with those. There are feathers - maybe he loves birds, and all things related to birds? Or maybe it is all different types of leaves?
    I remember a novel I read a while ago (forgot both title and author unfortunately) where one of the characters collected heart-shaped stones: his whole house was full of heart-shaped stones in all shapes and sizes. That is the kind of personality-centered space you may have an opportunity to create here.

  • @smceccarelli I understand what you mean, good ideas! Ill try and give it a push!

  • @Leontine definitely strength in the lighting you have done. Only thing I would play with to give more focus to your character is maybe darkening the foreground some. Maybe watch Will's Procreate demo there is a good trick In there for emphasizing color through the use of a color dodge layer, check it out its worth a watch. All the best.

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