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  • Does anyone know what @Will-Terry or @Jake-Parker use to record their screens while drawing? Or if you have something you like? I need something that has great video quality, can record over a long period and isn't too expensive.


  • My Nvidia driver comes with a screen capture program. It is pretty good. Also: Camtasia isn't bad (I don't have a lot of experience with it).
    I think no matter what screen recording is a pain and eats up a lot of memory. At least, it's always been a pain for me.

    What project are you planing?

  • @mattramsey I've been wanting to record my process already, but I'm doing some work for a you tube channel that will be a 3 min videos a week. Kind of like the white board vids where they zoom and pan around. It'll be a way to mix it up rather than just moving around from one flat image to the next.

  • Pro SVS OG

    If you have a mac, screen recording is part of Quicktime (the standard video player for mac). However, as it has been said, screen recording does eat up lots of storage space - about a gigabyte every hour or so. If I recorded my process I would end up with 10-60 GB of video material for an illustration, which I can guarantee is not easy to edit on a normal computer.
    ProCreate for iPad is more clever - it does not record the screen is just record strokes, so the files are pretty slim and sped up already.

  • @smceccarelli Thanks! I use windows and think I have a lot of storage right now. I think once the work is done and I send it to be edited for the video I wouldn't keep it in my files... maybe just a sped up version. I want to get a ipad so badly! Need to make some dough first!

  • Camtasia for mac or for windows.
    screenflow for mac

  • Movavi, Camtasia, Powerdirector, Screencastomatic plus a couple of others 😉

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