Book review Small Monkey and the Panda's

  • hi Guys! I had a great bookreview todays newspaper! This is what they wrote:

    'Drawing with expression from Illustrator Leontine'
    Her style of drawing is very attractive and has classic style elements in
    it. She draws animals with big, shiny eyes, so they have a lot of
    expression. Combined with the nice use of colors and shades are the
    illustrations you could hang in a nursery.
    However, little Monkey and Panda's is a special book in many ways.

    So in case you were wondering YOU are doing illustrating and getting your work published? Hold on, work hard, don't give up, you'll get there!0_1479300251744_kleine aap en de Panda's.png

    Thanks for all your amazing support!

  • @Leontine That is fantastic! Congrats Leontine!

  • well done. Congrats!

  • That is wonderful congrats!!!!

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