corrupt layers/ enexpected end of file message in PS

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    So sad, I tried to open my PS file I spent hours on yesterday to receive a unable to open due to corrupt layers, and unexpected end of file message. Has anyone had this happen, and way around this? I would hate to loose 2 hours of digital painting I was happy with 😞

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    @lmrush yikes! I've never had that happen with a PSD, but I have had it with a JPG. The trick I did to recover the JPG was to attempt opening it in other applications and if/when successful then save that file out as a JPG with a different name.

    Since it is a PSD, you might be able to open it in another application (InDesign, Illustrator, Non-Adobe Software, etc.) but might have to save it out as a flattened image (JPG, etc.) while unfortunate, it would at least preserve the latest of your image.

    Aside from that approach—and any advice from others here—you might have to do a Google search on "psd end of file repair" or something of the sort. I saw several results from Adobe's forum on this. Maybe someone there has a fix.

    BTW, I know that this isn't a help right now, but... I will periodically duplicate my PSD file (renaming with date & time, e.g. "*_16-1026_am0930.psd"). Then keep working on the core psd. It is a kind of manual back-up in addition to my general computer backups, as it lets me have more than 1 PSD file with the most important progress duplicated.

    Also, I tend to work very large (24x36@300dpi) with "countless" layers, so my files will get too large to save out (Photoshop will only save to a 2GB or less file). Due to this, I will save out significant portions (e.g. Character-A, Character-B, Element-A/B/C, Background-A/B, etc.) as separate layered files "just in case" I need to go back to edit the layers, but keep a merged-layer version inside my core Photoshop document where I am doing all the painting. The point here is that if I didn't do this, I not only may not be able to save the full file with layers for everything, but I might run the risk of losing it all if some sort of corruption happens. Thus, having it saved out into multiple files at least preserves those portions that don't have their files corrupted. I even do this in addition to the duplication of the PSD as mentioned above.

    Regardless, I know the pain of losing hours and hours of work due to file corruption (including files that corrupted when being backed-up, while on the back-up disk(s), or transferred from the back-up). It is a frustrating feeling. I hope that you can recover your work. However, even if not, you have been down this road of painting these things already, so perhaps the re-paint will be easier and even better this next time!

    You can do it!!! Go-Go-Go!!!
    😞 ^ - ^ )=

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    @QuietYell Thank you for your help and your vote of confidence, 😃 I have concluded I will try for a bit and if I can recover I will spend that time repainting and chalk it up to lessons learned- thank you thank you for your tips!!!!!!! I will let you know if I get it back. Thank you for the saving advice for future work- moving forward!

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    @lmrush Glad to help (or at least try to!). These tips come from this kind of pain in my past! Hoping for the best for you!

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    Despite what others have said you can't "open" a photoshop file with InDesign, Illustrator, etc.. You can import the file (if it is not damaged) into these apps, but not open them.

    When working on any file you need to be making regular backups. If you use a mac, use time machine and constantly save your file and then save it out as another name so you can always go back if need be.

    If you only have the one file you can try accessing the file via the free software called gimp. It's is an open source application that is the closest you can get to photoshop. It will open photoshop files.

    Another option is to install Photoshop file (PSD) Extract/Recover tool. This will let you grab one layer at a time from a damaged PS file. It is available

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    @jimsz Thank you so much. I will give it a try!

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