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  • Wacom is stopping by my office tomorrow to demo their new tablet called the Wacom Mobile Studio. Please comment below if you have any questions you'd like me to ask or functions you'd like me to test.

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    I would like to know if they will start to lower their prices on their tablets. With Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface that can run full operating systems and the drawing on them are great, I could not see myself investing in something so expensive. I love my surface book.

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    I don't have any questions....I just want one...lol... but I can't justify the huge expense. The price point is just too high on them right now. I can buy a lesser digitizer tablet and a computer twice as powerful and have money left over for what they want.

  • @Ben-J-Hutchison @Chip-Valecek and @evilrobot Thanks for responding! I will let them know about the price point thing. I'm with you that these things are so expensive! I'm going to try and discuss with him that many illustrators looking for a tablet won't buy this because it's too expensive. I also want to see how photoshop looks on the 16 because trying to use menus on the 13 is impossible! My dream tablet would be a tablet form of my current PC so I can use my brushes that I know and understand but with an adjusted user interface in PS that would mimic Procreate.

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    Yeah, I'd be interested in seeing how it handles Photoshop as well. I've got a beast of a machine for a desktop it blows the specs on the Wacom away and I'll still get some lag from time to time. So I'd be interested in seeing how it can handle a big brush size with scattering on or a dual brush.

  • The rep just left. The 16 was pretty sweet. There was enough screen real estate that I think it could function like a beefy machine. It has over 8000 points of pressure which was impressive. The battery life seems a little questionable at 2-5 hours. I still like the idea that my Kyle's brushes could be in a tablet like machine and that I could go back and forth and work from anywhere. The price point seems high but my guess is that they might make a 16 inch cintiq that would mirror like a regular one for a much cheaper cost. You'd be tethered but it might be an option.

  • Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is too expensive to me , for the price I can get a powerful pc and drawing tablet monitor.
    I currently Use a XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Graphics Tablet With Screen . because I already have a working PC, I only need graphic tablet monitor .
    It prices in at $439 with a neat, optional adjustable stand. I just ordered one. Worth mentioning is that the resolution is 1920 x 1080, and features of 88% NTSC Color Gamput . no parallax .

    the battery-free stylus has the 8000 levels of pressure sensitivity and support 60 degrees of pen tilt . Works beautifully, no lag when drawing .

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    @Jiang-He to be fair this was posted back in 2016 the xp-pen 16 pro still didn’t exist back then

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