Knight Cherio update!

  • Hi guys!
    Here's the update of the first spread after your comments! Please let me know what you think! It looks a bit dark, maybe tone down a bit? Do I need to place more toys? how about the new face? 0_1477296202163_Leontine Knight Cherio new.jpg

  • Pro SVS OG

    This one makes me wonder what the baby has seen! Great job on values, if you color it please share!

  • Love the blocks and stick horse! I think you are right, it is a bit too dark. Just don't lose the contrast. The face is sweet. I love the mouth. Those are very cute teeth! The iris of his left eye isn't right...he looks cross-eyed. We wouldn't see the whites of his eye on the far right of the image. Make sense? Lovely scene!

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