Inktober 2016 - Spaceships, robots and aliens :)

  • H! So I havent been aroundfor several months and it really bums me out. I am just bad at balancing forum/work so I spend too much time on I cut it...a bit too much 🙂
    Anyway, I am too doing inktober. Last year it was all about starting with inks. And this year is all about design and concepts. I am developing 4 races and their ships and I hope I will be able to use it later as a base for paintings which will be used in a card game I am creating with my friend 🙂
    My sketchbook has 60 pages and I wanted to fill it, so I started a month earlier hoping I will finish the last day of October... well, I am behind as always, but I already finished 34 drawings, so its not all that bad.
    Here are some of the better ones 🙂 You can see the rest on my instagram: They are not all that good and I dont wanna flood it in here 🙂
    0_1476809879032_inktober_2016_02b.jpg 0_1476810122379_inktober_2016_13.jpg 0_1476810126821_inktober_2016_22.jpg 0_1476810129776_inktober_2016_27.jpg 0_1476810132484_inktober_2016_32.jpg 0_1476810135095_inktober_2016_33.jpg

  • Hi! Wow! These are awesome! Are you coloring these with Copics? As someone who's not comfortable with machinery yet, I really admire you work on the ships!

  • @Tyler-Blake Thanks Mate, I was looking at your stuff too, do you have some site where can I see it together?

    I am doing underdrawing with orange pencil, ink it with pentel brush pen and color it with copics.

    I was really struggling with machinery, and it still takes me all the evening to come up with something that is worth inking. But after 2 sketchbooks full of robots and ships I can at least do these 🙂 And I think I even got better just during the inktober, this was the first one I did:


    Oh yeah, and 3 months ago when I was starting with machinery, I thought this one was good 🙂 :0_1476818514987_IMG_20160707_0005.jpg

    its all about mileage mileage and mileage

  • Yep-practice, practice, repeat. I'm working on my art website now in little bots and snatches of time- I'll get more done on it when Inktober is over. I've been surprised at how much inktober has helped me- I think it's something you have to do to truly appreciate!

    Have you taken Jake Parker's robots and machinery class? I've watched it but I haven't pursued it yet.

  • @Tyler-Blake Yeah, I have seen it. I think there was some stuff I already knew from character design class, but it made me think more about the machines. Like "could it actually walk", "at what angles would it turn the hand", "what is this part for?" I still fill it with loads of random stuff, but at least I have some idea about some parts 🙂

  • I have to share this one. The whole inktober I was most looking forward to the last part. The fourth race in my project. Monsters floating in space like its an ocean. here is the first one. I was so excited I just had to quickly color it 😃
    0_1477606460847_spaceMonster_ink.jpg 0_1477606471071_rasa4_small.jpg

  • Awesome! It's like a giant space sea snake! You did good with the color but the inking you did really sells the texture 🙂

  • Hi, I am kind of happy with the progress with my "spaceship" thing 🙂 So I wanted to share what am I doing with my inktober designs. Because inktober was just the beginning for me 🙂 Still have to figure out lot of stuff, but I think it is going somewhere.

    Inktober drawing:

    Color study

    Detailed lineart


  • SVS Team SVS OG

    That final looks GREAT!

  • @Chip-Valecek thanks 🙂

  • SVS OG

    Awesome work. Love it.

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