100 Kids challenge

  • Want to start a 100 drawings challenge. Pushing my anatomy and design skills I find that my characters need more life. they often look stiff and static. So movement is the keyword! Here;s the first sketch, already struggling with the legs. Any comments are more than welcome!0_1476261521788_leontine gaasenbeek boy character.jpg

  • Maybe if you tilt his upper body forward a little to give him that movement of going forward and left his right leg up even more it might give him a little more curve to his line of action. I did a quick little select and rotate on some of his body parts to see if it would help. 0_1476282185162_running.jpg

  • @Chip-Valecek Thank youuuu!

  • @Leontine I have the same struggle! I find "drawing through" really helps. Pretend your character is see through and you can see where the hip socket and leg bones connect, and where the knee bone would be, etc. I think that would help you get the legs right. Hope that makes sense!

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