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  • Hey everyone,

    I just got started on the sketch for my first night scene and I'd like to get feedback on the composition before I continue.

    Please note:

    • I'm planning to fill both sides of the owl with village houses
    • The space in the middle will be a calm river/waterway
    • The animal atop the owl is a squirrel with a cape, sword and lantern and the one in the soap box is a mouse with a lantern
    • I'm not sure if I should have the lanterns on opposing sides instead

    Thank you for any input!


  • Pro SVS OG

    It´s a beautiful concept, love the idea! I would be careful with adding two lanterns - you will end up with two competing focal points, plus the moon which makes three. It is also going to complicate your lighting scheme and muddle up the volumes of the owl (which will be lit by three lighting sources. One option I would consider is to let only the rider hold a lantern. This way you could have warm main light (the lantern) with cold rim light (the moon). The moon could be reflecting on the water, creating a light patch behind the mouse head, which could just be a silhouette with very subtle cold fill light. That is how I would consider approaching it, at least! Looking forward to the next phase!

  • Pro SVS OG

    This is great!!!! my only thought was from a previous instructor critique to draw animals 3/4 rather than coming straight at you, I believe it was a review of a bull running-anyone else remember that post?

  • @smceccarelli Thank you for the suggestions! My only concern is that if only the rider holds a lantern, then you won't be able to see the owl's face, since only the top of his head would be illuminated...Also, I'd really like the soap box to be seen...Maybe I could have a light source coming from outside of the page illuminating the soap box & mouse?

  • @lmrush Thank you - I'm excited to do this one! The mouse & squirrel faces will be in 3/4 view, facing opposite directions & the owl face will be looking straight at the viewer - I thought that'd have the most impact. What do you think?

  • Pro SVS OG

    @amberwingart Sounds great I am excited to see your progression-please keep sharing!

  • @lmrush I will - thank you! 🙂

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