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    So.. @evilrobot shared his awesome work space in one of the posts. I love having a peek into how everyone works. Share a pic of your space here if you want to. I am a mess when it comes to my work space and will share some here also! Instructors also feel free to share!!!!

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    I have a studio I don't work in; my two year old gets into everything so for now I work in an Armoire and the kitchen table when I paint or draw.

    0_1475324549807_studio1.jpg 0_1475324563664_studio3.jpg 0_1475324759805_stu.jpg

  • The panorama takes makes it feel huge...which is quite nice 😉
    It is actually only about 100 sqf (9 sqm). Mostly Cintiq and books...

    alt text

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    @smceccarelli what a lovely space!

  • @lmrush Thank you! To me this was too small to do traditional art (pastel and oil was my medium) without stress - it is part of the reason I switched to digital. I strongly admire people who manage to work traditionally in small spaces!

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    Awesome. I love seeing where people work. So already shared my new traditional work space so here;s where I spend most of my time. My old Cintiq and my Ipad pro. 0_1475338616681_digital-work-station.jpg

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    @evilrobot Awesome, how to you like the cintiq? I still use an 8 year old bamboo wacom

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    I love it. I have a titanium wedding ring and I ended up scratching the surface right after I got it. So I taped a piece of glass over the top of it. It's really nice because even though I've been doing digital for the last few years when I draw on paper I'm not super bad because I've been moving my hand directly on the screen when I draw anyway.

  • I work on my kitchen table XD

  • I work on the couch with bad lighting, and a 3 year old child trying to hit my elbows while I ink or paint. The struggle is real

  • @Eric-Castleman @lmrush I sympathize with the battle against little grabby hands... I try to get some things done at our computer desk (with enough space for barely an 8.5x11 pad) but with a 2 year old and 1 month old, I haven't got anything accomplished in quite awhile!

    0_1475372345189_050516 (9).jpg

  • Love this thread. My little corner, with a peek at my "wall of inspiration", which has notes about creating art and inspiring quotes I can glare at when I get frustrated. 😉
    0_1475383341391_corner office.jpg

  • I've got a little space at the end of the living room.
    alt text
    alt text

  • @ZackracK @Eric-Castleman When my kids were small, I bought a cool children gate (like the one they mount in nurseries and on staircases) that had adjustable width, and I mounted it between a bookshelf and a wall (about 1.5m - 6-7 ft apart) that separated my corner from the rest of the house (we have an open space). That caused a couple of tantrums but effectively avoided the issue of little children irrupting into my space (with or without me being there). Maybe you have an arrangement where that would work.

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    This is my art space right our home office, separated off from the rest of the house with a stairgate across the doorway... nevertheless it does not keep out the noise! And with a 2 and 4 year old, it gets tricky getting any work done at all during the summer holidays/half-term/weekends, etc....


    But we have an idea to solve this...what is currently a patch of concrete in our garden will - hopefully! - become our new art studio.... fingers crossed we can get it finished 🙂


  • Everyone's art spaces are so clean and peaceful! I'm ashamed to show mine - it looks like a tornado ripped through, lol. I love clean spaces but I nest when I create & I create better in messy spaces. Plus my cat kids come into my studio and wreak havoc.

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    @Eric-Castleman Oh I hear you!

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    @Dulcie So exciting!

  • This is my desk 🙂 I share an office with my husband in our basement. I tried not to get his desk in the shot, as it is a complete disaster area 😉 My desk is fairly organised, but I can't seem to get rid of all the cables and cords 😕 Anyways, I'd like to get more art up on my walls, but struggle reaching the back wall (I'm 5 feet tall - uh - short). Perhaps I'll get my husband to help me decorate more 🙂


  • LOVE seeing other people's work spaces...

    alt text

    HOME STUDIO (Glorified Closet)
    Nice and toasty tucked next to the furnace...
    alt text

    I used to have an offsite studio downtown that I loved but I was unable to get there as much as I wanted so it was more financially responsible to move back home for freelance... I may eventually put up a couple walls downstairs and make a more comfortable space for my work but we'll see.

    MY OLD STUDIO (Downtown)


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