Zebra for fun

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    I been heads down on a personal project the past few weeks I decided to take a break and paint a zebra. Well actually my daughter had to draw one for school so I sat down with her and did just that but then I had to much fun with the sketch and wanted to finish it.


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    @Chip-Valecek Hey Chip - I saw this on facebook earlier and noticed something right away that I was really happy about. There is some really nice work on the lighting on the zebra and some subtle variation in the tones of the "white" of his strips that I think are really well done.

    I feel like perhaps this piece is one of those break through moments for you, as these techniques with color and light definitely elevate your work here to a new level.

    And that makes me very excited for you! Great job

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    @Rich-Green thanks for the kind words. Fun thing is I didn't a lot of time noodling over it like I do with my other pieces. Maybe that's the secret trick not to over work it.

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