I would love to have a Q&A with the teachers in a live class.

  • Each of the instructors are very different, and seem to have quite different styles and art backgrounds. Tonight I have spent time doing a study on their art, and a bunch of questions pop up that I have for each teachers, such as their experience when they first put their portfolio out there, and how they dealt with obstacles just to name a couple. I'm sure they receive the same questions over and over, but I'm sure that as we have had more time to learn from them, new questions have popped up.

    Maybe this isn't a live class sort of thing. Maybe this can be a thread. Idk.

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    @Eric-Castleman I agree, there are million of questions I would ask them too. If you go through all their videos, they talk a lot about how they got started and their experiences, it is a great resource. What you realize, though, is that when they started the market and the way of working was very different - so there is not so much that is applicable. But there is a lot nonetheless! Also, I have mailed questions to Will Terry, and he answered thoughtfully - I think he does try to answer all e-mails he gets, which makes him really a great teacher and person! I have written to quite a few artists actually - and a good portion answered (though they may take weeks to come back to you) - so it is always worth a try.

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