Kyle brushes

  • Saw people talking about these on the forum here, checked them out and they are awesome. I downloaded them and I can bring them up in the drop down brush menu on the top left (cs5 edition of Photoshop), but can't get them loaded into the presets. Anyone know how to do this?

  • @Rebecca-Hirsch I'm not sure about cs5, but here is a link to instructions on importing into tool presets in cs6. Hopefully it will give you enough information to do it in cs5.

  • Thanks, I went and looked at the instructions again and it looks like, since they aren't .abr files, that the left menu is the only one they show up in. As long as I have them. On the plus side, I found a way to reduce brush lag - yay!

  • Agree, they are awesome - have not been using anything else since I bought my first set. The only brushes worth paying for.

  • I use Kyle and Frenden brushes in photoshop. They both load under the "tool presets" panel because they are a little more than brushes.

  • Me too. I use Frenden brushes in Manga Studio and I have my own set of modified Kyle brushes I use for Photoshop (I just added my own textures to them and made a few adjustments for speed) they both make the best brushes. Funny enough my favorite Kyle brush is the watercolor brush he gives away for think I use it more than all his others.

  • First set of digital brushes I've paid for, very reasonably priced at $9.