Musical Lullabies

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    Ok so this my project I'm working on to hopefully generate some good portfolio pieces, but for right now to implement what I'm learning at SVS. I just joined a month ago. I'm such a nerd I would love to do all the homework assignments in the classes, but I'm just finding it hard to find the time, unless they are super short. If I'm doing the homework assignments then I don't have time to do my own projects. Then I get frustrated that I'm not getting stuff done that I want to do. Anyone else struggle with that?

    I'm kind of obsessed with song books, because I love singing to my kids, but have such a bad memory with the words. I want to get this done before my 6 month old gets too old to be able to use it. I made a Disney Lullaby songbook, totally just copying illustrations from the movies, but in pastel. But it is so fun to have and sing from. I know these aren't things that I could sell because of copyright, but I'm hoping with illustrating songs from Musicals that I can create my own illustrations and get good portfolio pieces.

    These two were before I started taking SVS classes:

    0_1474870829638_Web Somewhere Over the Rainbow 2 copy.jpg

    0_1474870797393_Web Somewhere Over the Rainbow 1 copy.jpg

    This one I just did after taking some of the fundamental classes:

    I am happy overall, but frustrated that the balloon looks too modern, which I didn't think about until I finished it, I tried to add some ropes in there to make it look more old fashioned. I am also wondering about the simplicity. I like art that is more simple, but I'm wondering if it is too simple. I love Mary Grandpre and Claire Keane. Any critiques welcome, thanks!

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    @holleywilliamson I think your bottom piece is great. I like the design of the balloon. The top one i would watch the length of the scarecrows left arm, if he put both arms on his side the left would be much longer then the right.

    When it comes to homework/projects I feel the same. I want to work on my projects vs doing the homework. I try to incorporate my projects into the work and discussion that comes out of the classes.

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    0_1476216942365_Web Castle on a Cloud 1 copy.jpg

    After listening to the Creative Environments class I was excited to apply what I learned! Doing the small silhouettes was eye opening. It's so exciting to look at this castle and know that I designed it, and I didn't have to rely on reference so heavily. My other aha, which I hear them say over and over again, is not redrawing things. But taking my drawings from thumbnail stage, scanning them, enlarging, and using tracing paper. I knew that was a better way to work, but I think I thought it would take too long or I was too lazy! I am learning that I am actually saving time, and so much happier with the results.

    One thing I do struggle with is the second and third read. I like the illustrations that take you a couple times to really see all there is to see. I like that idea of making lists of things to include, but with an illustration like this, I'm just at a loss, any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

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    This is a beautiful piece - very dreamy and beautifully executed with the painterly textures. The castle is lovely - it looks like you really gained a lot from the class!

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    Here is my next attempt. I have never done a crowd scene before, I love how they talk about dark against light and to think more in terms of value than just color. Not sure about the girls pose. I thought I was good, but the more I worked on it, the more it bugged me...also I am now thinking her nose is too pointy, making her look a little older than I wanted?

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    0_1479408502470_Web Castle on a Cloud 3 copy.jpg
    So I was excited to implement what I learned in the Color and Light Class. Making up shadows with no reference was such a mystery to me before that. I know I still have a lot of practice to perfect this concept, but it was exciting to try!

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    River Lullaby 1:
    0_1490755672430_Web River Lullaby1.jpg

    Goodnight 1: What do you think about the lighting?
    0_1490755690557_Web Goodnight Spread 1 2.jpg

    Goodnight 2: What do you think about this style of showing the lines?
    0_1490755704201_Web Goodnight 2.jpg

    Somewhere 1: What do you think about the brightness of the stars, are they too distracting?
    0_1490755721843_Web Somewhere1.jpg
    Here are the next few in my project. It has been slow going since I switched to digital and figuring everything out. I know it will be faster as I get better. Any feedback is great.

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    I like the lighting in Goodnight 1, I think keeping line work in Goodnight 2 will hold the piece together. I always struggle with should or shouldn't I keep the lines. I usually end up keeping some. I don't think the stars are a distraction but what if you made the ones in the distance the same shape but smaller to keep them consistent? Just a thought on that one.

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    Okay here are my latest additions. I'm almost done with this project! Bittersweet huh? I feel like I'm getting into a grove with the ipad and with illustration in general. Loving the process of thumbnails, value studies, color studies, grisaille airbrush layer, then pastel brushes in color over that. So grateful for all the SVS classes and all that I'm learning!

    Somewhere1: This first one I added a few more star shapes like @Chip-Valecek suggested, thank you!
    0_1494617812703_Web Somewhere1.jpg

    Somewhere 2:
    0_1494617866789_Web Somewhere Out There 2 copy.jpg

    Sylvia 1:
    0_1494617893026_Web Sylvia's Lullaby 1 copy.jpg

    Sylvia 2: I struggled with knowing what is bothering be for this one with the fairy tree:
    0_1494618851412_Web Sylvia's Lullaby 2 copy.jpg

    River Lullaby 2: This was interesting trying to draw from this overhead perspective, not sure how successful this one is either:
    0_1494617934367_Web River Lullaby 2 copy.jpg

    December 1: With this one I was trying to use different colors than I usually use, but I couldn't help adding in some purple!
    0_1494617963789_Web Once Upon a December 1 copy.jpg

  • Lovely illustrations!

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