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    Just finished up this job for a daycare center...they are doing something that has to do with car seat safety. Thanks to Lee White's business class I was able to negotiate a very nice payday off of this. I offered a bunch of options for rights and they chose the more expensive option which is fine by me and I still managed to keep some of the rights to the image. That business class is a super great resource. Thanks again @Lee-White ! 0_1474749139426_Baby-Moved-up.jpg

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    Fantastic job - so glad to hear you are getting solid work and getting paid good rates for it with the help of Lee's class! Hats off to you, the piece looks great 🙂

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    Thanks @Dulcie I don't know about solid this is only my third real job. But I'm learning fast. Thought I'd include the comp I got and the image reference I was sent in case anyone else is new to this and wants to see how some of this stuff comes:


    Hello Mr. Palladio, I am a daycare provider in the Southbay area, I am working on a project and I need an illustration/drawing of a baby approximately a year in age, one that no one can really establish ethnicity, the baby should be lightly tanned, either gender is fine as long as the baby is beautiful, the baby should be in a car seat. Thank you for your consideration

    This was after she accepted the quote:

    The payment was sent via PayPal in the amount requested, I'm having problems scanning so I've taken a picture of the contract and of an example of what I need, I put a boarder around the car seat with little cars in the colors I like (lt green, blue,purple and fusha). I will add the text later

    This drawing will be used in projects to help prevent children from being left in the car to prevent death from vehicle heat strokes with proceed being donated to St Jude's

    Thank you for excepting this project

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    Great information, thank you for sharing your experience!!

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    great work, what did you quote for the job?

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    This post is deleted!

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