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    Hey SVS illustrators! I wanted to share a weekly challenge by Dwayne Biddix that anyone can join. It is free and an easy way to help you flex that creative muscle. I did my first one last night (seen above) and beginning the new shape challenge that was posted today. I wanted to use this post for EVERYONE to post there work. If you want a critique ask when you post and someone will be more than willing to help out.

    Here is how it works (as stated on the DLX Shape Challenge site):
    "Each week I will share a random shape, grab it and draw whatever you see in the shape! When you have it, post it and tag me (@dlxshapes ) and/or #dlxshapes. I look forward to seeing your art! Please feel free to share this challenge with anyone you think would enjoy!"
    Other rules to note, do not change the shape. Any medium, any style! You may rotate the shape. Overlay the shape on your image in some way, the original needs to be visible.

    How to find the shapes:

    Don't forget when submitting on social media to add #dlxshapes to be included in the fun. Now grab a shape and go!

  • SVS OG

    i saw this on instagram and just loved it! his expression is just too cool! nice job 🙂

  • Thank you Lynn. Super awesome that you like him. I usually do a normal expression but this felt like a good opportunity to try something different. :^)=

  • SVS OG

    @BradAYoo Gotta say this looks great! - love your signature too

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thanks Kevin. It was fun which always seems to help when drawing :^D= . Funny thing, I spent like 3 hours figuring out a signature that I liked enough to use as branding.

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