3rd Thurdsay is evolving

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    Hey guys,

    Some of you guys already know this, but tonights 3rd thursday was the last 3rd thursday in it's current format (assignment/crit).

    We have big plans that will include more teaching, more feedback, more of everything really. We have loved doing 3rd thursday and are super excited about where it's headed!

    Thanks for all the submissions over the last year and a half.

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    I don't know whether to be sad (that 3rd Thurs is ending) or excited (that there will be something different with more teaching and feedback - that bit sounds great!). A bit of both, I guess. Well I'll be waiting with baited breath to see what's next...as I'm sure everyone will be.

  • @Lee-White Looking forward to finding out what is to come. You guys are doing a great job here 😉

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    Thanks! We love doing it too! We definitely wouldn't change it if we didn't have something better planned. I wish I could go into detail right now, but they are making me keep it a secret (although I'm TERRIBLE at keeping secrets!). haha!

  • @Lee-White said in 3rd Thurdsay is evolving:

    (although I'm TERRIBLE at keeping secrets!). haha!

    $20 😉

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    When will the secret be unveiled? Third Thursday is a fab way to build portfolio - hope that will continue one way or other!
    Whichever way, it is a great format and I am sure the new evolution will make it even better!

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    I agree that 3rd Thursday was a great way to create portfolio pieces...I also liked the fact that it made us feel like we're all in the same class even though we're on different sides of the world. I'm hoping that the new format will still capture some of that stuff.

  • The funny thing is, I was totally amped to do this 3rd Thursday, but as I have made well known, I had a huge conflict in styles, and I just ditched my project and started practicing my old style again in hopes that I would be able to participate in October. Since there won't be one next month, I guess I should post my mock ups I had before stopping.

  • Don't know where 3rd Thursday is going, but a big "Thank you" to all the instructors for doing this in your spare time for free. It has been a wonderful learning experience, can't wait to see where it goes from here.

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    @Lee-White Ohh man, I MISSED the last one last night! I'm so lame I fell asleep by 9:30est. I've had two sick kids this week. Can't wait to find out what is coming!! I wonder if I can get it out of @Will-Terry lol

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    I hope it evolves into something I can continue entering because I learn the most from doing them. Plus it's free, and I always like something free haha 🙂

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    I can mention things we are discussing (I told you I can't keep a secret). Note: these are in progress, we haven't nailed down the details yet...

    • Monthly webinars/podcasts on various topics run by jake, will, and I. It may also feature other professional artists

    • More direct feedback options for the students including a bigger portfolio class (which I am running), smaller individual crit sessions where everyone gets a full crit (like our fall and spring crit sessions now, except more frequent)

    • More live classes (6-8 week format) such as:

    • Portfolio development (Starting in January)

    • digital painting (possibly starting in January)

    • illustation 1, 2, and 3

    • basic drawing and perspective

    • advanced drawing and perspective

    • concept design

    • quick sketch

    • And more videos of course with options of live feedback on a recorded class with assignemnts

    The webinars will be free. The others will have a reasonable cost so they are affordable.

    Let me know what you guys think : )

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    Yes, please, all of it...lol...I think my favorite thing about the Third Thursdays is the interaction between all of us here on the forum commenting and helping each other. Plus the others are right half my portfolio is Third Thursday stuff. I'm down with anything that helps me upgrade my portfolio and get more work!

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    @Lee-White The recorded class with feedback option sounds really nice. I'd pay extra for feedback on the assignments.

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    To add to whatever else is saying, the 3rd Thursday gave people a reason to create a piece that maybe they wouldn't have thought of on there own. When I take a SVS class or any sort of class I already have an idea in my head of what I want to create using the new learned techniques. The 3rd Thursday prompt would help fuel something different. I also looked forward to the interaction from the SVS peeps. Maybe with the webinar you could give a prompt still based on the topic that would be discussed. That way people would still have a chance to work on it and then see how it is executed by the professionals.

    I also liked the idea that I was going to win each month and then of course not win which would push me to work even harder LOL

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    @Lee-White I like courses more the merrier as they are great to watch and learn from. As I have on here. In fact I would say I learnt more watching the lessons on here than I did doing a degree in art (which I dropped out of because it was boring).

    My only fear is that now I will miss the free quick expert advice that you get on 3rd thursday. I've only been in the group for a short period of time and finding 3rd thursdays was like finding gold so I am a little sad that it will be pushed aside. But I understand time is money and all that...

    I find the forum very useful to develop pictures too as there is a lot of great artists on here giving advice so sad no more 3rd thursday but happy the forum is great.

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    @Jason-Bowen It's not just that time is money, it's more about being able to help the most amount of people in a way that is meaningful. What we found about 3rd thursday was that most people really wanted to have their work looked at and critiqued (of course). So many people would get frustrated to work on something for hours and hours only to have us not really talk about it. The spring and fall critiques have been SO successful with each person getting full attention (which they deserve). So we wanted to lean into that a bit more. It does cost a little, but you know you are getting feedback and guidance.

    The reason we wanted to evolve into a webinar is because we found that 3rd thursday really only catered to the people who did the assignment (which is a very small number of people). And then out of that group, only 6 really got feedback. So for our "free" offerings we wanted to be able to help more people. Which is what we hope the webinar/podcast will be able to do.

    Like I said, we are still figuring out the details. But the goal is to really offer something special (and effective) to our community here.

  • This sounds awesome! Love everything noted.

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    @Lee-White I know what you mean, I just enjoyed taking part in the monthly competition, I through my teddy out of the pram but I had a nap and some food it's all good now I'm sure what you guys create will be cool too.

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    Hi I am new here but I've been watching third Thursday for quite some time and I finally got the courage to submit a few times but the time that you guys critiqued everybody's gave me just enough feedback to decide to join SVS and I am loving the classes (it's all I can think about right now) I am sad to see it go!

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