Any writer forums around here?!

  • Hi everyone my name is Gian Sosa, a creatureology storyteller from Denki Pictures
    I am wondering is their a forum or circle here for writers???

  • I sure wish there was. This could be a great hub for writers and illustrators to meet and collab...

  • Pro SVS OG

    SCBWI (they call it "Squibby" round here, which is so much easier!) organizes local chapter writing circles. I have been bugging the Swiss coordinator for one, and now she has set it up...even though we are only 3 people in it! But better than nothing for sure!
    I have been also looking at professional copy-editors/story consultants. There are a few out there (cannot judge how good or how serious) but prices for a 1000-word manuscript, including discussion of story structure, wording, language, etc...are pretty steep (which I can understand, because if it is done properly is a lot of work). At that rate, maybe it is better to do the live writing course coming up here on SVS, which includes manuscript reviews.

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