3rd Thursday Idea

  • So I did a few roughs for the sept 3 rd thursday Idea. Here is another one that I finished as a Portfolio piece as I have already entered the comp. Does anyone have any improvement suggestions at all? Any ideas welcome. Thanks 0_1472747997438_Fantasy ride.jpg

  • @Jason-Bowen This is looking good Jason! - for critique i think composition and focal point are possibly issues - right now all of the action is on the right side of the canvas - i think spreading out where our eyes should go might be good - the back of the perched creature keeps grabbing my attention too possibly because it is such a large light area - so i think changing your lighting to guide the viewers eye where you want us to focus is something that would help the painting pop - one other thing possibly is it looks like the creature should fall forward...like he is not balanced - so moving the head back and maybe making the legs more like a birds would improve this - i did a super quick paint over to show what i am thinking - you can see i went of the rails a bit trying different things to improve the focus ....but i do like the changed position of the spider - anyways - feel free to disregard 🙂


  • Thanks a lot, looks awesome. I will do some more version of it and try some of your ideas out. 🙂

  • Love your lines!

  • @Carrie thanks 🙂

  • @Kevin-Longueil I've done more work with the picture and am more happy with it now. Thanks for your help. 0_1472935909709_Fantasy creature.jpg

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