3rd Thursday: September

  • Happy Thursday everyone! I did a couple of sketches… I like both but I noticed that a few people have done the “rope about to snap” idea so I think I’m going to lean more towards the forest design. For the forest one I thought about having some creepy figure behind the kid but then I thought what if I have silhouettes of the kids that put his shoes in the tree somewhere in the background getting ready to go mess with him again...So I sort of did a sketch of both. I also did a color test….

    0_1472706545761_3rd-sep4.png 0_1472706559010_3rd-sep2.png 0_1472706563232_3rd-sep.png 0_1472706974831_Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.15.32 PM.png

  • SVS OG

    Nice sketches! I particularly think the one of the boy with the net has a very natural feel to it, good motion and pose. I think the one of the boy in the woods is looking a bit stiff. I wonder if you could use some of the nice motion lines, curves and direction you did in the other drawing for this one. One big thing is that if someone is reaching for something they will be extending their arm all the way out, maybe their body too, standing on tip toe. In the boys current position he is doing the opposite. The overall composition is nice but very symmetrical, have you explored some other angles?

    As far as the lighting and color, this could be a great opportunity to use some spooky rim/moon lighting on the kid!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    I also agree with @natiwata with the kid and the tub with the natural flow. The line leads your eyes. I also like the little cat in the corner. I am a fan of little animals looking at the action like "What the hell?"

  • I agree with @natiwata and @Chip-Valecek, the boy with net feels more natural and dynamic, and it draws the eye into all the right places. I wouldn't worry about having the same theme, I think each entry is totally different.
    Best of luck!

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