question about my portfolio so far

  • I need your opinion as I find it hard to look at it with neutral eyes.
    When you look at my portfolio as it is at the moment, do you find it all over the place or united in style?
    Thank you
    (I know I have to make more series of illustrations, and I will, but I'm just asking about style as a whole right now)

  • I've just watched James Yang's course and based on that here are some points:

    • The two tall pieces with the mermaid and the bear with the book are really good pieces in my opinion, but they are not getting enough attention.
    • It's a good idea to evenly distribute the warm and cool pieces, the first row is very warm.
    • Try to have even spacing between the images, and it will also help if you figure out a way to smartly showcase pieces that have different dimensions (tall/portrait/landscape) so that they look coherent. I feel like the green fishes trio asks for a lot of attention.
    • Probably a similar point, your portrait pieces have gold framing and some other pieces don't. It just will look a lot more professional if you find out a way to organize them more.

  • oh I didn't watch this course yet, I will as soon as I can. thanks @Nazuba . my problem with your point is that I'm using a free wordpress template at the moment, so my possibilities are very limited for arranging the pieces... but I'll keep that in mind
    My question was more directed towards my artistic style as a whole though: are the techniques and ways I treat the illustrations/the characters coherent. does it show they're all mine or could you see different artists making them...?

  • SVS OG

    I think the design is really nice on the website and I like your little logo. As far as the art work is concerned that top row definitely has all your strongest pieces in it. They are more polished and elegant. I think all you need to do is keep working your awesomeness and adding pieces. You are on the right track.

  • Pro SVS OG

    I would say it looks like two different styles. The first half (until the gold-framed portraits, excluding the fishes) looks very polished and I may guess it is all digital? The other pieces are rougher and look like traditional pastel. While both are valid styles, I am not sure I would put them together in one portfolio - the polished work makes the rest of the work look somewhat rough and unfinished.
    But good quality work overall! The last two pieces you showed here (the mermaid and the bookmark with the bear) are your top two pieces and I would put them more prominently and bigger.
    I also have a Wordpress site based on a bought template. You can alter the order sometimes by altering (artificially) the publication date. Also, you can hire Wordpress programmers to make any change you want to a template - it is not overly expensive (I use Upwork for that kind of tasks).

  • @evilrobot and @smceccarelli thanks for your input
    maybe I should separate digital and traditional like I used to do then...?
    as for wordpress, I use the tiled mosaic gallery, so I can move the illustrations around as I want but I basically tried to pick a way that was more appealing visually. I will look into the other option you talked about

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