Love svslearn

  • I am a subscriber to svslearn. I love this whole program. You guys do a great job except for one thing. You announce things and get me excited about them and then when they are supposed to be released they fall into a black hole. You have some great ideas, and you get me wanting them. Recently it was on the calendar for a class about how to place your subjects into a background! Man, do I need this class. I also will diligently wait for Mr. Parker's how to draw dinosaurs! I am not going anywhere, learning too much! I would love if both of these classes could happen!

    Thanks for working hard for us.

  • Did the background class get delayed? I am really looking forward to seeing that class up as well.

  • I agree! One of the things I always have to dig for is if I miss third the third Thursday session it never seems easy to find the next mo this prompt!

  • @natiwata If you go to you can usually the the most recent posts on the site.

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