Old Third Thursday prompt

  • I've completed and submitted this month's Astrid prompt and decided to work on some older prompts to build experience and my style and maybe a portfolio piece. I chose to work on Kaia's secret to work with lighting.

    Right now I'm on the thumbnail phase. What do you all think about the composition?


  • @Samuel-Nunez

    Value-wise, I'm reading the upper part of the illustration as mid tones, the bottom darks and the turtle and girl as light. Is that right? If so, I think that works well composition-wise, and there's lots of great potential for the lighting.

    I think you've set up a great visual-flow. My eye immediately went to the girl, then I wanted to see where she was looking, saw the people above, came back to the girl, noticed her hand and then noticed the turtle. You might be able to push the shape/gesture of the swimmers above her to really get the viewer's eye to come back to the girl.

    The point of view/camera angle is also working well to me. Having the turtle askew like that really adds to the under water feeling. I notice he's swimming right out of the picture. Is that part of the story telling (I don't know the prompt)? If not, you might want to shift him/add some seaweed or something to help contain the scene.

    I really like where this is going. Can't wait to see the next phase.

  • @Maile-McCarthy

    Thanks for the comment on the turtle swimming out of the layout, it didn't notice that. The idea was that the turtle is made of gold and gems, couldn't really communicate that.

    I think maybe if I turn the turtle so half of it is buried in the sand and the rest is sticking out that will help communicate that its a solid item.

    Color will definitely help once I get to that phase. But I'll work on making the visual curve between the turtle and divers stronger.

  • Here is a tighter sketch, I think this better captures the idea that the turtle is supposed to be a gold artifact.


  • wow I think thats much better.

  • Here's the inked version.


  • Nice work. Can't wait to see it painted!

  • This looks really nice so far - I like how you have designed the composition and how well the text integrates with the image. That's a good idea to try some of the older prompts! Maybe I will look through them and see if any inspire me 🙂 I was admiring how even with mostly just lines and very little in value work at this stage, the turtle is reading as metallic. I can't wait to see this painted.

  • SVS OG

    @Samuel-Nunez Really looking forward to seeing this painted - as this revised version of the composition and line work are very nicely done! I also love how with just the position of her eyes we can tell she is trying to carefully not be seen by the other divers while still watching them. It works perfectly!

  • Took a while but finally finished coloring it.


  • :Love your colors, time to add light and shade to define the forms.

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