August 3d Thursday

  • August 3d Thursday - Feedback appreciated
    I decided to scrap the digital art attempt this time. All I have is an iPad mini and my finger. I've entered 3D Thursday a couple times and this is always the struggle. I need pencils. Real ones.
    Anyway, here's my submission for this month. I wanted to do a slightly darker version of OZ and I like the idea of the illustrations being almost completely gray scale with little pops of the prominent colors. If we were doing backgrounds, it would all be grays and blacks. I think this makes the important Emerald and Ruby elements pop. I also, wanted to pay a little tribute to the good witch's bubble entrance in the movie.

  • I forgot to ask for feedback. As well as apologize for the bad quality of the picture. My husband wasn't home to help me work the computer. I can use a pencil. Cameras and scanners are another story. 🙂

  • As i said on instagram, i just love that scarecrow! everything has such a nice flow, well done!

  • @Pamela-Fraley it is clear to me that you have excellent character drawing and stylized skills. I really like the proportions you gave Dorothy with the longer and thin legs but then a bit larger feet to really accent the ruby red shoes.

    The dancing and somewhat ethereal motion of Glinda is really beautiful.

    And the scarecrow is just fun!


  • @Rich-Green thank you so much. I always feel so out of date on SVS because I just can't switch to digital. Thank you for the encouragement. ☺

  • @Lynn-Larson that's where I know you from. I'm on Instagram so much more than the forums. Thank you so much! ☺