Finished :)

  • Here is my updated Tin Man - i drew a heart tattoo on his hand and i really liked the idea - i gotten one "no vote" already for the ones on the shoulder and arm (the oak leaf and acorns) - there is something about them too though that i like ... but i'm at that point where i can't really see it clearly i think - still have things to do and fix (axe handle for instance) but any feedback/critique/opinion is always very much appreciated - thanks!0_1470551659155_Attachment-1-77.jpeg

  • @Kevin-Longueil I like the idea but rather it be a rust spot in the shape of a heart since you really can't tattoo metal. If you leave it b&w it reads well. But going into color I would use rust.

  • @Chip-Valecek Thank you for the feedback Chip! Good points for sure - it is not too far fetched though - etching and inking metal is easily done with acids or even just a burin - also patinas are very easy to do on metal (i have a BFA in sculpture 🙂 and you can get all kinds of cool colors on about any metal - not to argue the point though - just giving my reasoning - but i think the rust idea is great and kind of fits into the patina realm - i am going to stay black and white for a while ... i feel like i am finding my voice so to speak - maybe go with it until i feel pretty confident with and the add color back in - i really appreciate you taking the time to give feedback - it is very helpful to get your reactions 🙂

  • Added a crow to the Scarecrow to show how un-scarey he is and add more to the story of the picture - also added more straw poking about here and there - i think i like the addition of the crow - i am going to keep these as busts.... not sure if that will disqualify me from Third Thursday consideration though ??? - but i am really enjoying making (and seriously struggling with) these ...... i see now i have to adjust the light on his right arm a little bit.... i always notice things that i was missing when i post them here 🙂


    0_1470697168464_Scarecrow and Tin Man.jpeg

  • It's really coming along @Kevin-Longueil ...I especially like your scarecrow (including the crow! Beautiful brushwork..) - to me he really looks like a thinking man's scarecrow...very thoughtful. It makes me wonder, if he thinks of himself that he is missing some brains, that he must be very hard on himself (and others?). I don't know what you have decided about his personality in your version, that's just my thoughts when I see this 🙂

    I'm glad you are feeling like you're finding your does come across that you are getting into your stride right now, and that's great to see 🙂

  • @Dulcie Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback! - The book reminds me in a strange way of the oft quoted poem of Robert Frost's - "Mending Wall" where things are the opposite of what a quick reading would tell - the take away from the poem seems to be that "good fences make good neighbors" - but it is really the opposite...."Something there is that doesn't love a wall" (the implication being that Nature does not love a wall and why are we building them).... In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz it seems to me that the Scarecrow with no brain is the most thoughtful of the group - the Tin Man without a heart is the most caring - and the Cowardly Lion the most courageous ...... so i was trying to show the Scarecrow as looking almost scholarly - glad you are seeing it!....that was a long winded reply wasn't it - anyways i really value your input and appreciate you taking the time 🙂

  • Here is my Cowardly Lion with a small crown in his paws/hands 🙂0_1470856449321_Lion with Crown.jpeg

  • This really caught my attention, he reminds me of Beast... love as well how the crown seems to be lit from within, it makes a striking contrast.

  • You are really nailing the expressions.

  • @Lisa-M-Griffin Thank you for the feedback Lisa! - i was afraid folks would be put off by the use of symbolism instead of a story element - i'm glad the glow is coming across too .. that was fun to try to do 🙂

    @Chip-Valecek Thank you Chip! I'm working on Dorothy now.... i'm trying to make her look rather ordinary bit with some kind of aura of calm confidence .... does that sound strange?... anyways it is a challenge for sure - Thank you for the support 🙂

  • Here is my Dorothy - nearly finished i think - i read "The wonderful Wizard of Oz" after the prompt was given - the circle on her forehead is my interpretation of the apotropaic mark put upon Dorothy's forehead at the beginning of the book - Ended up putting Toto in there as a bit of a cheat to help show who this is - feel a bit bad about that for some reason - but really she is just an ordinary girl with a blue and white gingham dress and a small black dog - really looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done this Thursday!

    0_1471194226596_Dorothy and ToTo.jpeg

  • Finished 🙂

    0_1471239398476_Small for Forum.jpeg

  • @Kevin-Longueil Great work! The scarecrow is my favorite.

  • that's great! I love the mood to it. My favorites are the scarecrow and the lion

  • Kevin this is really a fantastic take on the characters and also it has your unique signature and style written all over it in the best possible way. There is something so charming and yet haunting about each of them and I could easily see them as illustrations inside the book itself. Outstanding work here!

  • @evilrobot @audrey-dowling Thank you William and Audrey! - really appreciate the kind words! I think the Scarecrow and Lion stand out a bit too 🙂
    @Rich-Green Rich, i cannot tell you what a huge compliment it is to me to hear that the drawings are coming across as charming yet haunting! Thank you 🙂

  • They look like artist studio portraits and make a great set. I used the book/stories as inspiration instead of the movie. Hoping I can stay up for it Thursday night to see/hear live. 😉

  • @Lisa-M-Griffin Thank you Lisa! I look forward to seeing your finished piece. I noticed your one eyed Wicked Witch with her umbrella and knew you were following the book too. Love your flying monkey!

    • bows to the master * these are simply wonderful Kevin ❤

  • Thanks Kevin.
    Like you mentioned with your artwork, mine has a few subtle nods to the book. It's good to hear that you recognized a few. 🙂