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  • Got a tip from Jake Parker, in the composition class I believe, that you can go to Sketchup and lay out a floor plan for a house to help with figuring out a setting and keeping it consistent. My kids have an app on their ipads called Planner 5D, which you can download free, and you can lay out the house, the landscape, the interior, paints and furniture - everything. You can adjust the view to any angle. I am working on a book project where the setting revolves around one house and I need to vary the view to keep it interesting, this will help immensely. Thought I'd share if it will help any of you.

  • Sounds good. I once tried sketchup, but didn't find I got the results I wanted. Maybe I just didn't know how to use it. Do you have a link for this one, and can it be used on a PC?

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    I do not know planner 5D, but I use Sketchup regularly. The big plus of Sketchup is that users upload models regularly to the 3D warehouse, and you can use them in your model freely, kit-bash them, modify them to fit your needs, etc...
    It takes a little to get used to the SketchUp interface - and I am by no means a pro, because once I have a good base for an illustration I do not care how bad the model is constructed or how it looks outside of the field of the camera. However, it is overall a very easy software.
    I am planning for a short graphic novel right now (I am sort of toying with the idea of inking it during Inktober, which would mean stopping everything else, but somehow I can't get the idea out of my mind...). It plays all in the same room, so I built a SketchUp model of it - it took me about 2-3 hours. It´s priceless! The main drawback of using SketchUp is that it uses always the same perspective grid - so sometimes I just use it as a reference and build my own, more extreme or different grid.
    Anyhow, here is the room model I am going to use for my graphic novel stint. Apart from the walls and a few minor things, everything else is kit-bashed from at least 20 other models. I guess I should do a couple of good ones and upload them, to pay back for all I have used!


  • @smceccarelli Really cool, I have just started playing with Sketchup so haven't done much with it yet, however what I do like about the 5D planner is I can spin all the way around the house, change my camera angle from high to low, and zoom into any room of the house and view that from any angle. That works for me because I am just using it as a reference for camera angle and consistency. I see a lot of value to Sketchup too, and I like what you have done with this room.
    Plus, on 5D I can create a bunch of houses, next to each other or across the street.

  • @Rachel I think you need a touch screen in order to use planner 5D, but I'm not sure.

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    Thank you @Rebecca-Hirsch! I will check out Planner5D - sounds like an interesting addition to the arsenal!

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