Subscription Renewal

  • Got a general question to throw out there --is anyone planning on binge watching all the videos in a month or two just to cancel? Or are most people planning on keeping the subscription active to keep up with the promised new content coming out each month? Curious...

  • even though i watched a lot of the videos, i am only just going threw the workbooks so i will rewatch them again, plus the content is being updated constantly.

  • SVS OG

    I agree with Steve. I've watched several over already, and plan on keeping my subscription active...too much good information!

  • I will be watching the videos over and over so I will keep subscribing, and I want to support the svs school and future lessons.

  • SVS OG

    I have found that even when i can not sit and watch the videos (while working on projects) I will be playing them in the background so I can listen into the concepts being discussed to continue to reinforce them in all of my work. So I plan to keep the subscription going!

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