Accidental Character?

  • Hi guys,
    Have you ever came across a character that you accidentally created and feel like you can explore her world? Yesterday when I was doodling a weird girl came about and I just wanted to share it with you guys. No "compositional" shot or anything, just a picture of how she looks. In my mind I'm exploring her world. Let me know what you think and please also share if you have come across characters like this and told stories with them? or maybe bring an old one to life now? 🙂
    Maybe her name is cotton (judging by her hair) but she hasn't told me anything yet.
    I originally posted the photo here but I'm attaching her here too.


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    I fall in love with nearly all my characters, and curious about all of them. It is painful sometimes to "let them go", because there are so many worlds to lose oneself into and so little time in one life...
    Cotton looks interesting and cute. She reminds me a bit of the characters of Valeria Docampo. Why not putting her into a scene?

  • @smceccarelli said in Accidental Character?:

    Valeria Docampo

    Thank you for your comment! I am very new to characters so fortunately there is not much experience of throwing them away with me. I, however have made regular throwing away of my work or tucking away somewhere hard to find a regular habit because I tend to grow fear and fixation. I just checked out Valeria's work. I'm exploring cotton and will soon post a scene with her. 🙂

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