Uncle Carl Has a Chicken on His Head!

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    I am starting a new book project. This one is called Uncle Carl Has a Chicken on His Head and is a counting book. The words rhyme and there is a surprise at the end. Here are some of my sketches. Bigger than thumbnails but still rough. Need to do a lot of character development and practice of figures in many positions. It's pretty challenging for me but having done the Tick-Tock Lullabye has really helped me a lot as far as the lay out goes. I ditched this one last time and did a simpler one so I could learn. I have made it all the way through the lay out, might need to change things up a lot but that is good progress for me to have made it to the last page!

    Here's what I have so far...helpful comments welcome! Thank you!

    0_1468275575365_uncle carl 1.jpg
    0_1468275593751_uncle carl 2.jpg
    0_1468275626331_uncle carl 3.jpg
    0_1468275640590_uncle carl4.jpg

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    This looks like a really fun book! Makes me curious about it even at this stage. I really like the bottom right sketch on the second page - looks hilarious!
    And your productivity and focus is a real inspiration - gives me a big boost to get going with my book!
    Looking forward to the next stages!

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    @smceccarelli Thanks, I'm sure I'll be back for input 🙂 Working on my drawing skills-especially cows 🙂

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    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Page two and three got switched around, I think.

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