Willies Rescue

  • Hi all, I'm a bit new to finalising drawings. Most of what I have done until now is scribbles and doodles. Now that I have a drawing tablet I am able to work digitally. However I find it hard to figure out the level of detail needed for a digital piece, as it is hard to judge how the piece will be seen. Any pointers?

    Also, am considering submitting this drawing for 3rdThursday...any pointers, critique, comments or opinions would be appreciated.

    Take care

    Willies Rescue

  • SVS OG

    @Bonwhis@Bonwhis Out of the frying pan, into the fire - this looks good! The main things critique-wise that pop out are the lighting around the broken boat and the huge area of the upper canvas - i think you can shroud much of that area around the broken boat in darkness and still have it read well - this will give the fire and the torch a nice glow too - i just added a couple of multiply layers and erased back into one with a low opacity eraser to see how it might go - added a tiny bit of darkness to bottom left too - i think if you did decide to go darker that you would need to go back in and adjust the lighting on Willie a bit to put more warm light on the surfaces facing the torch - i think the multiply layers made the broken boat area look better but not the Titanic - i did the quick cut and paste to see how it would look if you brought the top down a bit - my go at it is a bit sloppy and possibly too dark but i just wanted to see - anyways ..really nice work 🙂0_1468004254429_Willies-Rescue copy copy.jpg

  • @Kevin-Longueil Hi Kevin thank you so much for taking the time to critique it. I will have a look at your suggestion and see how I can work them in...really appreciate it...Peace

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