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  • Hello guys! I signed in for the SVS plan a month ago and I just gathered the courage to come here and say hi! I found SVS because I wanted to learn how to ink, I knew Jake was the guy for that, I found the link to his inking class and when I got to the site I couldn't just get the one class, the site is amazing! I've been practicing my inking but I am also going through the basics (how to draw everything and composition) and I realized how much I forget to do in the process.

    I hope to better my work and make good friends here, I don't think I'm leaving any time soon.

    PS. You can check my inking progress here: https://www.instagram.com/ely.dharma/

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    @ElyDharma Welcome aboard! Your ink lines are looking good - looks like you are varying your line weight in the newer ones and to me that looks nice - i have not touched a real inking pen in years - but i remember a formula i had in my head when i was in art school (twenty some years ago) - part of the formula was to thicken a line when it passes in front of another form - so the form in front has a thicker line at that point - the other part i remember was to always lose a line whenever i could get away with it - so lets say near the top of one of your kitties heads or on a tail (or both) you thin out the line until it disappears ....skip a bit and fade back into the line a little farther down the form - this implies a light source - and looks pretty cool - "lost and found line" i think its called - anyways ..me giving inking advice is laughable and this is probably basic common knowledge to you so really i should just skip back to" welcome to the forums" 🙂

  • Thank you @Kevin-Longueil, for the welcome and for the tips. I like that idea of using the line to suggest the light source, I'll try it.I worked as a clean-up artist so I think I made a habit of making very consistent lines, which is boring in an illustration. Also I'm a beginner inker so what ever feedback is very welcome 😃

  • @ElyDharma Welcome ❤

  • Thank you @Fay-Bycroft 😃

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