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  • Hi all,
    I have been watching Will Terry course 10 STEP DIGITAL PAINTING. Decided to practice using his dragon image. But instead using Photoshop I am using an app called Procreate on my iPad Pro.
    I was looking for a brush that could be similar to his texture brush. I started using a shading brush that comes with the app. (see the image) but I don't like it. I![alt text](image url)s there someone here that uses Procreate and maybe has similar brush to the one Will is using?0_1467176092199_IMG_0491.jpg

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    @Viki-Kloper-Weidenfeld Hey Viki - your piece is looking good! - i use Procreate too - i did a piece recently using the Bonobo Chalk which can be found under the the sketching drop down - when i was doing it i thought it was a lot like what Will was doing with his texture in some of his videos - here is a low res version of what it looked like - anyways love that brush also love some one Nikolia Lockertsens brushes - especially his pencil - really nice and simple - 0_1467176879420_Haven Mini.jpg

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thanks.I will try the brushes you recommend.

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