External Hard Drive?

  • I have a Mac and am looking for those of you with experience with external hard drives.
    What is your experience??? What should I be looking for? Brand to look at? Brand to stay away from?
    Samsung is over my price range. lol

    I'm looking for at least 2 TB. Any thoughts are appreciated.

  • I have two mobile ones that is 2tb it works fine, but please dont forget to back up! I work in ICloud aswel. Thats also very handy when you work on an Ipad and switch now and again. For example, I make a sketch with procreate on the Ipad, place it in the Cloud, and pick it up on my Mac.

  • @Leontine what brand are your two mobile hard drives?

  • Pro SVS OG

    I have two 3Tb drives (LaCIE). On one of them are all my files - I do not keep files on the hard drive of the computer, I work from the external drive. In this way, if my computer has any major breakdown, I can plug the hard drive to the laptop and keep working without interrumptions (this once saved my life on a deadline!). The other drive is a time-machine backup of both my computer AND the documents drive. Additionally, I occasionally transfer key folders to Dropbox (I have a paid account, so a lot of space) for extra safety. I also use a WLAN connected drive, but only for transfers (too slow for working or for backup).
    It seems paranoid, but I work with computers of all type since 32 years and I have seen ANYTHING happen (including two hard drive breakdowns, with total loss of all data).

  • I've had good experiences with Western Digital and LaCie.

  • @kai-satoshi Seagate

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