I need help with buying a Cintiq...

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    Good to see you on here Jason! Post some stuff when you get a chance...

  • @Steve-Young just wanted to let you know I sent you a P.M.

  • damn i wish i could afford a cintiq.. soooo nice. but if anyone is looking for a good alternative i just purchased the new huion gt-185hd. so far its a good machine.

  • @Ryan-Sutherland Why did you go with the Huion and not the Yiynova if you don't mind me asking?

  • You could check out Parka Blogs, for cintiq alternatives. http://www.parkablogs.com/tags/drawing-tablet-reviews

    There's some pretty good options out there.

  • @Jason-Goss i had a yiynova at one point. just one of the small 10inch ones, it was an absolute piece of rubbish, it was just a tft panel so the viewing angles were horrible. i know they have better ips ones now but after one bad experience its hard to go back to a brand.
    also i was looking for a tablet that worked well with mac, out of all the research i did huion ticked all the boxes, and ive read and experienced that yiynova driver dont allow a pen calibration on mac. tho they may have updated them by now.

  • @Ryan-Sutherland they must've upgraded their software a fair bit since you had a yiynova, mine is great and I've never had a driver problem wjth my iMac. But its good you're happy with your Huion 🙂

  • why would you leave your yiynova? why?

    use R on photoshop to ROTATE your canvas, and R+Shift to put it back to horizontal

    if you're consistently working as a pro ilustrator I could understand the upgrade, if you're not it's non sense

  • @Alberto-M I don't think you have to a "pro illustrator" to appreciate well made tools. The reason professionals use Wacom products is because they are higher quality. I'm sure you love your yiynova, but I out grew mine.

  • @Jason-Goss
    2,8k $ is a serious thing, if that's not that serious to you then go ahead

    If your yiynova is functional you don neet anything else yet, it wont make you do better or anything like that, it's more confortable as you can put it in more positions, but that is totally not worth 2,8k, for that just pay a carpenter to make support for it lol.

    I imagine you're studying, do you really need that bit of higher quality?

  • btw I bought the Cintiq second hand. Maybe thats an option?

  • @Alberto-M The fact is a Cintiq will "make you do better" when compared to a MSP-19U. The Cintiq has better color, better resolution and larger active drawing space (plus other minor advantages). I never said 2.8k wasn't a serious thing, in fact it's why I created this post, but I don't understand where you are getting 2.8k. I clearly stated I was looking at the 22 and 24hd, neither of which cost that much. Thank you for your opinion but I was looking for advice on which Cintiq, not advice on keeping my Yiynova.

    Also, what artist isn't studying, and why is that an excuse to use sub-par tools?

    If you would like to continue this conversation feel free to send me a chat (P.M.) as this is becoming off topic.

  • @Leontine-Gaasenbeek Thanks for the suggestion! (sorry I dont know how to put multiple replies in a single response)

  • @Jason-Goss
    I'm gonna paste an honest opinion of someone from the net, so right so funny

    "When you're already competent artist, and can afford it somewhat easily. Don't be one of those guys that spends a shit load on your hobby thinking it'll make you more proficient. I see it all the fucking time. People buying $4000 DSLRs and putting watermarks on shitty pictures on their local park. People buying an Intuos Pro just because it's a fucking status symbol and they don't even grasp what "tilt" functionality is. And lastly, the worst, people who buy a fucking Cintiq before than can draw for shit.

    Think of a Cintiq as one of those ridiculous aerodynamic bicycle helmets. Unless you're a pro where fucking milliseconds matter in your lap-time, don't bother wearing it."

    Be honest with your skill set to guess if something like a cintic is out of place. You can update your old monitor to newer one, there are +22HD with same presures and color ranges like cintiqs out there. Huion, yiynova, etc.. Of course, do whatever you want,, guess about the rest priorities in your life, if buying a cintiq does not affect your pocket to react to incidentals, go on.

    At best you should introduce yourself, what you do, where r u from, how old are you, etc. 🙂

  • I tried the Yiynova 19, but I prompted returned it. I ended up getting a 2nd Gen 21UX, IMO a much better tool. I use it with an ergotron in portrait mode and couldn't be happier with a Cintiq.

  • Hey there,

    I second Vicky Vicky's recommendation of a Ergotron Arm if being able to rotate the tablet is a concern. I'm looking into getting 24HD myself and found this video:
    Being able to flip it around to portrait mode would be pretty cool. Apparently the 27QHD is about the same overall size as the 24HD, so I would assume the outcome would be similar to the video if you got one. Not sure about the weight though.

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