I need help with buying a Cintiq...

  • I've had a yiynova 19 (which I'm selling) for almost two years but I've been saving up and I finally have enough to buy a Cintiq.

    However I don't know which one to get. I think I've narrowed it down to the 22hd or the 24hd. From everything I've read and watched the touch feature just isn't worth it.

    I had my heart set on the 24 but then I saw that the stand for the 24 can't rotate and that's something I've missed. And without anywhere to demo them I'm hoping that some of you might the insight to help me make the final decision.

    Thanks for your time and I'm excited to be part of the community.

  • Maybe something like an Ergotron Mounting Arm would work., different compaines make them.. Sometimes they are called monitor arms.

  • @Jason-Goss, Hi Jason, welcome! I have an 22 inch, and I am so Happy with it, its also handy if you want to take it somewhere. (I take it with me to my office every day). Mine does not have a touch screen. Because it requires using a glove all the time. Good Luck choosing! You Will have so much fun with it! Greetings from Holland, Leontine

  • Yes, a 22" HD is also what I have. I find that it is big enough without taking up too much space. I have it mounted to an Ergotron arm and I also have a Cintweak keyboard holder that fits on top of the Cintiq. Since I use a lot of different programs with the Cintiq, having a small keyboard attached to the top of it makes it easy for shortcuts. I have to say that it is the best money I have spent.

  • @Christopher-Sanchez An extra keyboard is a good tip! Thanks, I'll try that! I am so Happy using the cintiqueThat i even miss it going on a vacation. It's indeed the best thing you can spend your money on. I am saving money to by a 13inch version, for easy traveling with it!

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    How has your experience been with the Yiynova? Obviously you aren't completely satisfied with it since you're replacing it. I have neither a Cintiq or a Yiynova, just a little tablet. Since I mostly work with vectors this has been sufficient, but I hope someday to get something better. What did you like/dislike about your Yiynova?

    I wouldn't mind if a few months down the road you came back to this thread and let us know how your new one compares. Just a thought.

  • @Sarah-LuAnn The Yiynova has been great for getting comfortable with a tablet-monitor, but I'm ready to upgrade to a professional grade tool. The main reasons for upgrading are the larger format, improved resolution and color, and the feel. Plus it's Wacom, they provide more bells and whistles: the hotkeys, matte finish, variety of nibs and advanced stand.

    I'll definitely give an update at a later date.

  • I have a yiynova MVP 22 and its a great device for the price! I plan on eventually getting a cintiq but they are a tad to much for my wallet to handle at the moment. So if you can't break the bank I would definitely encourage any artist to try out a yiynova.

  • Are you still selling your yiynova ?

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    Good to see you on here Jason! Post some stuff when you get a chance...

  • @Steve-Young just wanted to let you know I sent you a P.M.

  • damn i wish i could afford a cintiq.. soooo nice. but if anyone is looking for a good alternative i just purchased the new huion gt-185hd. so far its a good machine.

  • @Ryan-Sutherland Why did you go with the Huion and not the Yiynova if you don't mind me asking?

  • You could check out Parka Blogs, for cintiq alternatives. http://www.parkablogs.com/tags/drawing-tablet-reviews

    There's some pretty good options out there.

  • @Jason-Goss i had a yiynova at one point. just one of the small 10inch ones, it was an absolute piece of rubbish, it was just a tft panel so the viewing angles were horrible. i know they have better ips ones now but after one bad experience its hard to go back to a brand.
    also i was looking for a tablet that worked well with mac, out of all the research i did huion ticked all the boxes, and ive read and experienced that yiynova driver dont allow a pen calibration on mac. tho they may have updated them by now.

  • @Ryan-Sutherland they must've upgraded their software a fair bit since you had a yiynova, mine is great and I've never had a driver problem wjth my iMac. But its good you're happy with your Huion 🙂

  • why would you leave your yiynova? why?

    use R on photoshop to ROTATE your canvas, and R+Shift to put it back to horizontal

    if you're consistently working as a pro ilustrator I could understand the upgrade, if you're not it's non sense

  • @Alberto-M I don't think you have to a "pro illustrator" to appreciate well made tools. The reason professionals use Wacom products is because they are higher quality. I'm sure you love your yiynova, but I out grew mine.

  • @Jason-Goss
    2,8k $ is a serious thing, if that's not that serious to you then go ahead

    If your yiynova is functional you don neet anything else yet, it wont make you do better or anything like that, it's more confortable as you can put it in more positions, but that is totally not worth 2,8k, for that just pay a carpenter to make support for it lol.

    I imagine you're studying, do you really need that bit of higher quality?

  • btw I bought the Cintiq second hand. Maybe thats an option?

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