My Product/ Project

  • After listening to Jake Parker's podcast episode where he talks about making a product HERE I decided to take his advice. I've written the story and done my rough page thumb nails and I've got the first character worked out. I did a lot of style tests and I think I'm going with black and white with this one. Mostly because it's faster but also I think it fits my story. Any comments or crits are welcomed thanks. 0_1464553811339_rough-pages.jpg 0_1464553821042_Pig-Character.jpg

  • Looks interesting. I've never seen a vampire pig before 🙂

  • Well after a lot of sketching and doubt I've decided to go with this hatching style. This is the first spread....The name of the book I wrote is called "The Night A Vampire Bit My Booty" The two main characters are a pig and wolf and the story is being told to the reader by the pig. 0_1467189974420_1-2.jpg

  • This artwork style is really pleasant to look at and has a lot of "pop"! Plus I bet it will be very flexible in terms of managing values within a frame/page. Good luck with your project!

  • I'm diggin how you followed the contours of the pig with the hatching, it makes for some great contrast with the floor pattern. I think this style fits the mood of the story really well; excited to see your progress!

  • I love this - such a great idea! I love the noir-feeling from your crosshatched piece, it really sets the mood 😃

  • very intriguing. cute character. Great hatching. keep it up! more!!!

  • Thank you all very much for the feedback. Here is a work in progress on my next spread. Thinking I need to add the kitty to the first spread somewhere. 0_1467665027696_3-4-WIP.jpg

  • It's looking great! I am intrigued by the story and I want to know what happens next! I really like the simplicity of your first spread, and the directness of the pig talking to camera alone... if you added the cat it might dilute that. If you did really want to, you could have the cat on his lap, and he's stroking it like an evil villain. (But that would cover up your nice drawing of the pig which would be a shame). I suppose you could have the cat peeking out from behind the chair. (But I still like it as it is).

    Also, if you are turning this into an actual book/product, then the customer will look at the cover, the end pages and often there are illustrations on the inside title page depending on how you create those, the customer might have already seen Mr. Whiskers before they get to the second spread.

  • @evilrobot So cute they are, sleeping 😃 I would be careful to place text over the details in the image, though - I think it would be a more balanced spread with text in the upper left part of the spread 🙂

  • Thanks for the feedback;) The text is just there so I can get an idea of how much room I need to leave for it. It will more than likely go on the same page below the window. I'll format it to fit once I get my drawing finalized. I may make the pig and kitty bigger to fill the page better or put something over in that corner of the room at the top a nightstand or something.

  • @evilrobot Ha Ha! I love it. I want to hear the rest of the story!

  • Well here is that spread finished. I really need to design better for the text. As Camomilla had warned. I ended up having to reverse it and add a drop shadow so it would read. May have to go back and darken up the first spread a little to match it better to this one. 0_1468095488499_3-4.jpg

  • Another finished spread. 0_1468687887001_5-6.jpg

  • Wolf character sketch0_1468690601211_wolf.jpg In my first take on this the characters where going to be human but it came off too perverted with a man biting a kids I went with the animals and now I think it works and comes off funny instead of sick. Here were my first take on the human characters. 0_1468690696472_boy.jpg 0_1468690706437_vampire.jpg

  • It is really nice to see this evolve, and the story looks fun. Wolf and pig are of course perfect for this! I agree humans would not have worked at all 😉
    Are you going to stick with the monochrome or it is just a first step? Monochrome may be problematic with kids (experience tells...).

  • Started working on this again. Here are my characters in color. 0_1472716898764_Pig-and-wolf-character.jpg

  • Here's some more progress on this. Finished spread for page #1-2 and completed new line work for spread #3-4. Feel like I'm spamming the site. But I got a lot done. Have the three day weekend and it's been great to have some time to work on my artwork. 0_1473043066113_1-2-color.jpg 0_1473043104762_childrensbookline.jpg

  • @evilrobot I love this look with the lines, you capture enough detail and the beauty of your lines shine through. I think you should do some pages in this style if not the whole book!

  • I will buy this book!