My name is Kosalboth, or Koko, and I'm new to SVS! I stumbled upon this site after watching Jake Parker's videos and decided to give it a try. I just recently graduated from college with a non art related degree and in the midst of the chaos that is figuring out what to do with my life I decided to begin doing art on a serious level. I have always had an interest in art but never considered it as a career path. So, here I am, trying to level up and make use of a skill that needs rekindling! I look forward to being inspired by all of you within this community!

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    Welcome @VizionQwest to SVS! I'm sure you will like it here, it's a great community and well worth signing up for all the classes. It has really been the most useful thing for me... It's a great idea to level up and look forward to seeing your work!

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    Welcome to SVS! Looking forward to seeing your work.

  • @VizionQwest welcome ! I too am a relative newbie to all this and this community has been awesome 🙂

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