4 Artists paint one tree

  • So, I just stumbled across this video on YouTube that is narrated by Walt Disney (here's the link https://youtu.be/9JK9uQNBDxQ ). I had watched a surprisingly decent movie on Netflix the other day about the story of Walt Disney starting his own studio so it's crazy that I happened upon this, but I digress.

    Anyway, the reason that I decided to share it here on the forum is because it struck me that many of the things that he was saying in this clip about style are the same things that we have all heard Will, Jake, Lee and many other successful artists say have been their experiences when worried about style. After some talk about collaboration, they have 4 artists paint the same tree and the results are all very different even though they were painting the same tree.

    I think as artists we all look at other's work and think "if only I could paint like that" or "how can I get myself to see that when I look at (fill in the blank)". What I got from this video clip was just because my impression of a tree and what it represents in my world is different from somebody else's take on the same tree's beauty doesn't make my impression any less valuable. Four artists paint one tree and all are right and all are beautiful. How boring would the art world be if we all painted the tree the same?!

    I found it appropriate being close to 3rd Thursday because I'm sure many of us see some of the entries and think "Oh man, if only I could have done that" or the "Crap, I suck. I shouldn't have submitted my junk. I'm out of my league." I sure know I've been guilty of that. I think it's great to admire someone else's impression of the tree, but a true artist embraces their vision of the tree and only seeks to improve their inherent style rather than try and mock a style they admire. We are all right "according to our own ideas" and it's only the things within those ideas that we need to tweak as lifelong students of our own styles. I don't know if I'm making any sense or not. I just finished that video feeling empowered that I don't need to make apologies for my art because it's my impression of how I see the world even though I may admire yours. All that to say, it's lovely and confusing and individualistic and I think that's what makes art so great! If we all saw things the same it would be a boring, predictable world!

    You know you've been at your drawing desk too long when everything becomes philosophical thoughts to ponder in your mind. 😉

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    I know the video, and although it is old, it's message is as contemporary as ever. The world is fragmenting Ina variety of niches and everyone can be a contributor and participate in a global discussion...and I think it is awesome! Your thoughts on being an artist and individuality are spot on and very nicely written. Only you can draw/paint like you do, and this is enormously valuable and must not be diluted. Two things have stuck with me from my teachers across the years: "Do not try to imitate other artists, you cannot do it anyhow, no matter how much you try - only they can paint like they paint and you are not them, you are you"; and "Never compare your work to other people´s work: compare your present work to your past work - you are only always competing against yourself". Everybody gets philosophical dealing with creativity and self-expression!

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