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    I have been compiling a list of all the art challenges I could find out there in the internet, and I thought it could be interesting for all here:

    The Third Thursday challenge is of course included 😉
    As art school draws to an end for me (I graduate in a couple of days, if all goes well with my finals...) I have been concerned about loosing the momentum. When you have weekly deadline for big and small projects, things just get done. I definitely need some kind of external pressure to keep the pace. That is why a community like this one is so very important for me, where we push each other and hold each other accountable to some extent for continuing to grow.
    Art challenges like the Third Thursday are another very useful way to get "assigments" that go towards building a personal style and/or portfolio. I know many of you here are working artists, but I am still in the limbo between being a student and starting to build a professional footprint as an artist (I just got my first paying commission), so slack time is a big risk...
    Anyhow, I have been participating in a few of these challenges and I find it very interesting and useful, so I thought it may be interesting for others too.
    And a nice image to round it up. I did not get to do the mermaid scene for this month's Third Thursday, but I did render the character for the Character Design Challenge, which is currently ongoing!
    alt text

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    Cool! Draw with Jazza on youtube usually has a monthly challenge too, and SketchyTrav has them occasionally. I agree with having something with a deadline keeps you motivated 🙂 Congrats on gratduating!!! and your mermaid is beautiful ❤

  • Thank you for this list!! And great mermaid!

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