The new Drawing Animals class is a must see!!

  • Thanks Jake and Will for the drawing animals class it is wonderful, I learned so much! I thought it was very well done and exactly what I need to understand how to improve my drawing. I can't wait for the next one!!!

  • I second that! Will and Jake did it again with their one - two punch approach in presentation. I had no idea that most all four-legged creatures have the same basic spine and leg structure. Great course - very instructive! I'm looking forward the course for drawing birds - that would help me a lot on the project I'm working on now.

  • SVS OG

    Agreed it is a great series. I wish they would have spent just little more time on the head though. I have a really hard time drawing animals with longer snouts with their mouths open for some reason that just gets really hard for me to draw in perspective. But the way Jake broke down the leg construction was super helpful.

  • I agree! Not only helpful and getting back to some basics but also fun to listen to thanks to the boys and their playful banter. 😉

  • I agree too! Loved it!

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