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    I am looking to buy the entry model of the Surface Book, does anyone have one that they can convince me not to get it? PC at home is about to die and I think having the option to have a full PC and draw anywhere really has me won. Its just a price of $1449 that is a lot. Any advice is appreciated.

  • Hi Chip, I bought the surface pro a few months ago and I absolutely love the ability to take my "sketchbook" anywhere! I make art so much more frequently and conveniently now. The pen is great, seems to be just as good as my Wacom from what I can tell. The only complaint I have is that the battery drains quick when running Photoshop. Overall, I'd say give it a shot for a bit and return it if it doesn't work for you.

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    @j.breeding thanks for the feedback. I believe bestbuy said i would have 15 days to see how I like it.

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    I originally wanted a surface book for those exact reasons. What i ended up with was an ipad pro and apple pencil. I got the ipad, pencil, and apple care for 3 years for $950. You can pick up a screaming desktop pc for around $400. I do my sketches on my ipad that i take everywhere, and finish them up in photoshop on my pc. I guess it all depends on if you want to rely on one piece of equipment or have two 🙂

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    @Lynn-Larson Yeah my theory behind the book is for work as well. During the day I am a web designer and when I work remote I need to be able to remote desktop into my machine at work. It would be nice not to be tied to my home office and be able to go to starbucks or something like that. Then at night I would have the option to sit on the couch and draw instead of being stuck in my office.

  • @Chip-Valecek just fyi: I've been meaning to sell my Surface Pro 3. I can give you the details if you are interested. I haven't advertised it on our local website yet but I live in a pretty small town and I'm not sure if it will generate interest.

    It'd be nice to sell it locally though so I wouldn't have to worry about shipping issues, etc--but if I can help a fellow artist out that'd be cool.

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    @mattramsey thanks for the offer, but I just bought the book. Just need to pick it up from the store.

  • Hey @Chip-Valecek. I have a Surface Pro 2 (bought on Craigslist for about $800.00) I use it with Photoshop to do my digital work and it's been great! I will say that I ended up buying an external monitor (a 23" HP monitor for about $120) as the Photoshop interface tends to be fairly small even if you follow all the online steps to make menus larger etc. (and my eyes get tired quickly.) I have the keyboard that magnetically clips on and is great for typing but found it gets in the way when drawing on the surface. I fixed this by getting a blue-tooth keyboard. I can place it anywhere and still have access to all the hot keys.

    I really enjoy my little computer that I can haul everywhere. Enjoy.

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    @Katrina-Fowler so far I am liking it. Have not been able to play to much with it as it took some time yesterday to install everything I need for work on it. I did however take it will be this afternoon while my dog was getting groomed and played around a little in photoshop. Once I am done working today i will finish with the setup. I do have a external monitor which will be set up to use when in my office as well as an external keyboard. The nice thing about the surface book is the keyboard that comes with it, i just think when i flip the screen to draw that keyboard would become unusable. Either way i will work on my new work flow.

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