April Third Thursday - Oh Luuuucyyyy....

  • The first image (more detaiIed)is the image that I submitted for this month's contest. The second image (simpler style) is where I started and then I switched directions.

    I know I should have gotten feedback before forging ahead, or changing direction, as I find it hard to stop experimenting, and interrupt the momentum.

    I'm now liking my original version better (simpler image), and wish that I had pursued this further.

    I'm gathering that there is some resistance? distaste? to using 3D software for illustration, but I can't seem to stop myself. I keep hoping that I will be able to come up with a style that makes the 3D look more hand crafted.

    Any feedback is welcome and is much appreciated. First image versus 2nd? texturing styles? I know there are probably problems with the 1st image, in terms of knowing which creature is Lucy, and what kind of creature she is, and perhaps also as to what all the creatures are? I think it's clearer in the 2nd image?0_1461268022713_FINAL27WEB.jpg

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    Heh, i really love this 🙂 I think a blend of the two would be perfect. I love the layout and the colors of the top image, but i like the animals in the second, so having the top image with smoother animals would be just right. I love the patterns on the teacups, even the patterns on the animals! everything patterned is a bit much for my eye. And i see nothing wrong with 3d at all, you get some very creative and unique images with it 😃

  • @Lynn-Larson Thanks Lynn. I was trying to go for a fabric stuffed animal look in the top image versus a "stylized" painted animal look as in the 2nd, as well as to suggest a "crazy quilt" idea. But I agree, I prefer the coloring, texturing in 2nd image of the animals. I think I might have been able to choose different patterns for the animals such that it would have been more easy on the eyes.

  • What great images @Nancy-Gormezano! Fun concept and cute characters.

    I agree with @Lynn-Larson about liking the patterns of the first, but the simplicity of the second. What I would suggest though for future illustration work is to work on clarity and making sure your storytelling comes across without any confusion. I find it hard to make out what is all happening in your work. Even with the simple one there's no focal point and my eyes aren't sure where to look.

    In terms of making it more hand-crafted, do you digitally paint on top of the 3D rendering at all? I would think that would create a very interesting look if you made lots of natural-looking brush strokes on top of the highly digital 3D look. And add in textures too 🙂

  • @DanetteDraws Thanks Danette. You are so RIGHT ON in suggesting that I work on clarifying my storytelling ideas such that there is no confusion. I 100% agree. It is a problem in much of my stuff. Could be because I keep changing the story as I go (while laying out the 3d composition), rather than planning and sticking to the plan!

    And you are right about the focal point...It is a problem in most of my images. I think I can help that by changing my lighting some. But truthfully, I have a problem with even wanting to have a single focal point. Somehow I want the eye to wander and inspect all of the image. But I definitely could do better in leading the eye. In this story I'm not even sure where I wanted the focal point to be? The tool? Lucy? the problem? (skunks). I guess I wanted the focal point to be the bear spraying the skunks with perfume, and that secondly one would notice the trunk, then start inspecting all the other items.

    I did digitally paint over the first image - added texturing, the stars, lightened some areas. However I had not been too successful in doing more paint over, as the 3D conflicts with my hand painting style, so they didn't mix well. But I gave up too easily. I should probably push thru that.

    thanks again for the feedback!

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    @Nancy-Gormezano This is very intereresting to me, because I am experimenting with mixing 2D and 3D myself and I am not sure in which way to bring it. For the moment I am just testing things out and playing with it. I come from Visual Development, where the attitude is pretty much "everything goes as long as is fast and the image works" - so most of the concerns about what is acceptable or not in creating an image do not mean much to me.
    I think your image is very interesting, and I loved looking at it and seeing all the patterns and the color, and it is a beautiful thing to behold...the problem is I have no idea what is going on. I did not make out the skunks at first, and I was not sure what the main character was or what was happening or where it was taking place. The second (original image) is a lot clearer. Maybe a way to get the best out of the two worlds would be to focus on the value scheme, that is the lighting. Images can be very complex (and I love doing complex images), but value can make the narrative crystal clear.
    I would love to see more of your work and where the 3D/2D journey takes you...I feel like I found a fellow traveller!
    Here is my first attempt at 2D/3D image (up to that point, I had only been doing character models by themselves).
    alt text

  • @smceccarelli Thanks for the feedback! Your image is amazing. I took a look at your website and I am totally intimidated. Your work is outstanding. I love your style.

    Yes, focusing on lighting and value scheme would be a good idea for me to help clarify telling the story. And making it obvious. That will be my goal for next month's effort.

    I am in love with patterns, textures, textiles, colors, complexity, abstraction. Up until I found this forum, had never even thought about storytelling (did mainly personal art, 3D modeling, animation dabbling), nor did I really think about readability. AND it shows!

    So as an amateur (come from a software, engineering background), hobbyist, and OLD person, I don't really have a portfolio to speak of. But I keep my brain active and I enjoy learning, improving, conquering new skills. So, I am in pursuit of getting better, so that at least people might be able to understand what's going on in my images.

    Thanks again for your feedback

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    I agree with all the previous comments - your work is so unique, detailed and interesting, but it would be great to make it a little easier to follow the storytelling. I can understand where you're coming from - it’s like you’re creating an Aladdin’s cave of amazing items that people can explore as they wish…but a bit more of a guided tour would be helpful 🙂

    I really like the stylised painted animal look in the second image, it has more of a painterly feel, and particularly the simplicity in the left-hand side of the picture with the fox/skunks, and the contrast - orange/white, black/white - the simplicity is much bolder and my eye keeps getting drawn back to that part. It’s also easier to pick them out as skunks, a fox and bears in that one. I would definitely push further in that direction…it would be really interesting to see more hand-painted brush strokes combined with the 3D look as Danette mentioned.. anyway good luck and keep us posted 🙂

  • @Nancy-Gormezano your work is inspriing! I love it. I'm finding it quite tricky myself transitioning from working really intuitively to becoming a lot more focuses and precise. It's a little bit scary as I was quite happy working
    The way I did! I know that the techniques will make me better though. I have learned so much on here and now I just need to trust it! Good luck with your journey X.

  • @Dulcie Thanks Dulcie - AND Congrats on this month's win...FABULOUS image! And, as usual, your lovely, endearing style with clarity of story shines brilliantly.

    @jacs Thanks Jac. You are right about about trusting the techniques and process demonstrated on this forum...Very tough also for me to move thru feeling awkward with new process versus doing it my ol' comfortable and as you say, intuitive way of working.

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    Aww thanks @Nancy-Gormezano - it's very nice of you to say that. Good luck with your next project - keep us posted! 🙂

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    Wow love the detailing and the magical feeling of the first, lovely work

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