Last minute Advice?

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    Any last minute advice? I'm off to work but can most likely put in another hour late tonight - any advice? Thanks everyone!0_1461189944553_Lucy - side by side - black:white:color.jpg

  • @Kevin-Longueil I love your rendering and lighting! It's absolutely wonderful. I am having trouble deciphering what the problem and solution are, however. It seems like robots are stealing cars? Is Lucy behind the stealing or is she preventing them from doing it?

    It certainly is intriguing and I look forward to learning more about your vision.

  • I'd like to see the robot Xed out poster a little better. It gets lost in the shadow and is a great part of the story here. Also Lucy is cool and confident so why not have her Cat arched up and freaking out a bit. Lastly the white of the robot's 'mouth' is a bit stark and competes with Lucy's glowing tool box. Great overall!

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    @Timbdsf - Thank you Tim - really appreciate the feedback - for sure it is ambiguous as to Lucy's role - she sure looks like she's up to something - I think overall I may have missed the mark with this - in my head I was thinking that the text will be there to answer the questions but the image will be mysterious on its own - but I think just today I have begun to feel that I should not be relying on the text to answer the questions...right? As far as the story in my head though these are robots that are quite partial to tires - they infest the industrial districts of most large one knows where they keep coming from - Lucy is quite partial to stopping the robots and has had many successes - one of these days she will figure out where they call home 🙂 Thank you for the compliments too really appreciate it!
    @katrinafowler Really great feedback Katrina - Thank you! I tried to hold onto the stencil because I loved the idea - it seemed like I had to let it go for the values to work.... i'll try to see if I can get some light on it though so it is not totally lost - The cat idea is good - I was going for a bored look like she and Lucy had done this many time before ..but the arched back might add more to the story really - not sure I can fit that in for tomorrow though - the mouth is too stark - I agree ... I have to fix that - I was going for that bright light coming through glass that is painful to look at..... probably not the best idea for something you want folks to look at - i'll dim it down when I get home - maybe add a cool blue light to the mouths - I had a warm orange and it really was too much I think - ... I'm noticing that Lucy skin does not look good on my monitor ... looks greenish blue ... need to work on that - Thank you for taking the time to write really appreciate it 🙂

  • I think you have done a great job

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    I absolutely love how your style has developed! I enjoy watching people grow on this forum. Occasionally i go back to the first one i did and compare it to now, and do the same with others. keep up the amazing work and advice for others!

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    @jacs Thank you Jacqueline! That is very nice of you to say.
    @Lynn-Larson Thank you Lynn that is such a great compliment! I go back and look at earlier work too! I really like you your Space Lucy too and seeing your process - So cool how we are all getting better at this 🙂

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