Baba Yaga

  • I decided to start a project on the story of Vasilisa the brave and Baba Yaga. I want to work toward around 4 spot illustrations of scenes in the story and perhaps decorative elements just to start with. I'm trying not to overdo the research stage as I think I tend to get intimidated if the scope of the project goes crazy (I'm a bit crazy about research).
    I read the story through and made a mind-map of the main elements. I've also got reference images for the development stage now. I want to somehow incorporate Russian folk art into this as well as make some story telling based illustrations.
    I'm going to decide on what the best thing to illustrate is and then I'll update this post 🙂

    0_1461354537404_Baba Yaga Project overview.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I look forward to seeing your progress!

  • looks like a great start to the project. I love folk art,fairy tales and mythology.

  • I've broken the story down for this now and I need to do a rough storyboard of the scenes I guess. I'm not feeling great about this project, its bigger than I thought, but I will use it as a learning experience.
    0_1461354658172_The story breakdown.jpg

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