Rebelle or Clip Art Studio EX?

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    I wonder if any of you use Rebelle or Clip Art Studio (Newest version of Manga Studio) (Pro or EX). I have demo versions of both. I love Rebelle for the watercolor effects, etc. and I like Clip Art Studio because it seems easier to navigate but, I really like the effect of the watercolor running all over the paper with Rebelle. I wonder if Clip Art Studio can do that? I'm going to play around some more but, if anyone has experience with either of these. I'd love to hear what you have to say. Keep in mind I have done very LITTLE digital drawing so I have a lot to learn. Thanks.

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen I haven't used Rebelle, but it does look very interesting, I do try and use MS5/CSP EX.
    The nice thing about manga studio is it's easy to upgrade from pro to EX if you think you need it. Also frenden makes custom brushes for MS/CSP that are very inexpensive, including wet media. There is a video on how to use the wash brushes for a watercolor effect but it's only included with brush purchases, but if you contact him maybe he can send the video to you or direct you to a video somewhere.

    I think it comes down to what you are looking to do with the software?
    Also if you keep an eye out you might find CSP/MS pro on sale for cheap, last summer it was on sale for $15.

    So yes CSP/MS can do that but i'm not sure how well they would compare, if at all.

  • Hi, I have Rebelle and Clip Paint Studio so I can help with this. Rebelle is excellent for Watercolor effects and its fun to use. One thing to consider though is that you still can't do as much with it as Clip paint Studio like save to PSD for example. I think they will implement support for this sort of thing in the future, but it's good to have a program to use in conjunction with it. You could also look at Krita (Open Source digital painting program) as a free alternative to Clip Paint Studio which you can import your work from Rebelle into as well and do more with.

    Neither Clip Paint Studio or Krita have brushes like Rebelle though- its pretty unique in that respect. Corel Painter is closer to giving more Watercolor effect brushes than Krita or Clip Paint Studio as well.

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    @Rich-Chabot Thank you for your input. i really appreciate your taking the time.

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    @Christine-Garner Thanks. Maybe I'll get both. Have you used Krita and is it as good and user friendly as clip paint seems to be? I have GIMP but I am really just starting to try and really use digital. I have a lot to learn!

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen I use Krita a lot now. I am finding it really nice to use, I come from a background of using Photoshop and Corel Painter since 2004, so if you are used to these sort of programs it is really easy to pick up and quite similar. Compared to Clip Paint I would say it is similar as well. The pens in Clip Paint Studio are really nice though, especially if you get Frendens set for the program.
    Krita is going to have a big update to version 3.0 later this April which will add 2d hand drawing animation tools to it as well and improve it in other ways.

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    I'm not really used to ANY programs! I have a lot to learn. I have used GIMP very little and have been playing around with demos from several others. I just bought a Wacom tablet and had it all installed but I couldn't register it in the USA and get my free Art Rage Lite software so, I'm returning it and looking further. I've never done anything layered yet and am lucky to even pick a pen 🙂 Ha! Lots to learn but I need to learn it. Thanks again. I think I'll go do some more research on tablets, etc.

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