Lucy Versus the Tire Eating Automatons

  • SVS OG

    Here is my Lucy so far - "just add robot" is not a very good or easy path to a successful composition - hopefully it is working on some levels - i tried to make my robots less generic and less threatening towards humans (if i stay with this robot design i'll have to change Lucy's stencil) - got way ahead of myself in many respects on this one - lessons learned hopefully 🙂Attachment-1-26.jpeg

  • I love Lucy's expression in this piece and the robot design is cool.
    It might be interesting to have the robot closest to Lucy have metal teeth and crunching down on the vehicle!

    Here is a really rough sketch of what I can't really say well with words.

  • SVS OG

    @Jason-Kellogg Thanks Jason - your sketch is great! - I was thinking that they eat tires mostly ... kinda like donuts to them 🙂 - I tried drawing them with a kind of shredder mouth and it looked too ferocious - I was going to go for a furnace idea for the interior of the robot - I think maybe I am not getting that they eat tires mostly thing across very well and it makes folks wonder how they eat cars with their box shaped mouths..... hmmmmm - maybe i'll put the chompers or shredders recessed in the back of their box mouths so they still looks relatively non-threatening - i'll give it a try - maybe more tires stacked up too .....thanks Jason - appreciate the feedback!..... just figured out I can change the title of the post .... changed "automobile" to "tire" - lost the alliteration though 🙂

  • I really like the idea of the tires being eaten as donuts! Their is room for some humor with that idea.
    I could just imagine one of the robots putting icing with sprinkles on the tire!
    It's fun watching your concept take shape.

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